Trump supporters need to start uniting — #Unite4Trump. Trump wants to bring the GOP together. If you are a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent voting for Trump you need to recognize that Trump needs to bring the GOP together to really be able to win the nomination and the presidency.

We need to come together and really convince the haters that Trump is better than Bernie, Hillary, Kasich, Cruz, and Rubio, which he is better than them. We need to be polite, we need to be positive, we need to come to together in a positive light for the sake of Trump.

We may not always 100% agree on what we like about Trump but we need to send a message to the nay-Sayers our voice matters and our thoughts are not all bad. It is time we help Trump, not just cheer for him at rallies. We need to actively get out and really send a message to the establishment and to the haters that we not stupid, ignorant, ugly cynics. We are Americans who have by silenced by false accusations and the other side’s hate for real freedom!

Why should Rubio supporters turn to Trump?

Rubio and Trump support Social Security and Cruz and Kasich do not.

Rubio’s tax policy is closer to Trump’s tax policy while Cruz and Kasich want a flat tax policy, which again separates Kasich and Cruz from Rubio. (I vehemently oppose flat taxes.)

Rubio wants a wall. Trump wants a wall. Cruz wants a wall. Kasich wants amnesty.

Trump does not support the TPP. Kasich is in favor for the TPP. I am not quite sure where Cruz and Rubio stand. Cruz supported the Fast Track Authority on the TPP, also known as the TPA, which Rubio voted for. However, approximately 8 months ago Cruz came forward against the TPP. Rubio at one point flat out said he supports the TPA and the TPP, but now says he cannot make a definite decision until he is able to read the TPP which comes around in May, according to him. So! I do not think it is a wise decision to vote on a 500,000 page bill. Congress had passed a thousand page bill a few years ago and reportedly some Congressmen did not read the bill at all. What was that bill? Obamacare! The disastrous Obamacare! No one in Congress will read a 500,000 thousand page bill! So, again, Trump is the best choice here.

Trump, Cruz, and Rubio do not support common core. Kasich does. I encourage people to read more Ohio’s horrible education system and Kasich’s involvement.

Ted Cruz is an extremist, he sees everything in black and white. Rubio is more on the moderate side. Kasich is immobile on some issues (like NAFTA) and extremely mobile on other issues (like immigration). Trump kind of lays in the middle of the three. Unlike Cruz, Trump is willing to negotiate. Unlike Kasich, Trump is only flexible when there is a need to negotiate an inflexible when he knows he is winning. Lastly, Trump leans towards bipartisanship, or in other words, more on the moderate side like Rubio.

I will update this post at a later date with more info.

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