Donald Trump and the politics of nostalgia
Eric Fershtman

Your face is Whitewashed. Is that racist to say to you … yet it is not racist to say when we are talking about Trump and his website? Does everything have to be about race? C’mon now! Just because something is not displayed 24/7 does not mean anything.

How many times have you seen this picture? One? Two? Three? Zero? Just to point out, 12% of the population is Black. Statistically speaking Black people are not going to be everywhere where you them to be. Racism is about intolerance. I guess when we are trying so hard to be political correct we lose sight in what racism actually is.

You do not like Trump knocking people’s looks or making fun of them. But let me quote you, “…Trump, with skin so orange that his hair actually looks blond, talking about the ‘issues.’” Talk about empty rhetoric and hypocrisy! You hammered the nail on the head. The reason people like Trump is because people are sick of this bullshit, this nonsense, this hypocrisy. You want to talk about rhetoric then check your own first. You knock Trump’s anger but check your anger and hate at the front door before stepping in.

Hey, let’s get to the good stuff now. Yes, getting rid of tax loopholes is a good thing. As you said, Trump is dropping the corporate tax down a lot. Let me tell you why. We have the highest corporate tax in the free trading world, first globally — without loopholes. China has a marginally low corporate tax. Even with our loopholes companies have to give money, and cap gains and deductions are involved, which should not even exist. Why in the hell would companies stay in the US with closed loopholes? Why do companies and individuals stash money in safe havens? They do it to avoid taxation … and are represented by other countries. Yes, I am saying they are not getting representation here so they move out to get representation elsewhere. It is the good ole taxation without representation our founding fathers fought so hard to get.

Yes, companies are screwing the system but so are other countries. Other countries are screwing us over. They do not follow international laws or our empty threats. They know we do not have the balls to crash the economy to force human rights. If we go with the idea that anything below minimal wage is slave labor then China has a serious issue with slave labor. No one blinks. No blinks at China dumping acids into rivers, lakes, and the ocean. No one blinks at global economics. That is why Trump’s rhetoric is not empty.

That why Trump ‘s policies make sense … if you read his tax policy and China trade policy and all the minute details Trump offers then his policies make sense. I agree that Trump talks a lot about nothing but he does offer plans, ideas, policies, and details in snippets in different interviews, at rallies, at debates, Q&As, and press conferences. Just because you do not hear about them does not mean Trump is “stupid” or “empty”.

If you actually wanted to talk about policy you would go far more in-depth than a 5th grader’s point of view on the subject. If you actually did not want to seem like a big hypocrite on policy then maybe you shouldn’t had praised Bernie for his [insane] policies. Bernie’s policies are far more unrealistic than Trump’s. But hey… you keep going with your empty rhetoric. I am sure it works with you just as it works for Trump.

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