I’m starting this journey of making my worry into wonder. I started reading this book by Cheri Fuller called “Replacing Worry for Wonder” and, although it’s difficult to understand the message it’s trying to send, with every page I think it’s becoming more and more clear.

I’ve never been big on going to church and expressing my faith as a Christian, but lately Ive been thinking about what’s missing in my life, what could help me, what would benefit me and my family as whole and bring us closer together? What can fill this emptiness that I’ve been trying to fill with disposable things? So, I saw this book, and thought “why not” and so far I’m so glad I picked it up.

This journey is just beginning but ever since I make the conscience choice to improve my relationship with God and my faith, I’ve been motivated to do better in other areas of my life as well. I have this lightness to my body that it hasn’t felt in a long time, and a happiness that is beyond the joys of being a mom.

It’s like my soul breathed a sigh of relief and is saying “finally”.

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