New Moms Can Get Depressed. Why Don’t Doctors Take Them Seriously?
Sushmita Pathak

We moved to England after my last baby. I was so jealous to hear about the labor and delivery set up with yoga balls etc, visiting nurses, etc etc English women get to take for granted and thought the visiting nurse (since my baby was still under 4) was there ‘punitively’ eg because they were afraid we were mistreating the baby rather than a service all parents get for toddlers.

And I hear of customs in other countries- no doubt mostly abandoned now- like the new mom being kept in bed and waited on hand and foot for a week plus by the women in her family in one Asian country- that make me think those practices probably protect moms from some of the isolation fatigue and bewilderment that add to the PPD issue (though I also worry prolonged bed rest adds to risk of post partum thrombosis (blood clots in leg/ lung)!!!). I certainly noted that after 5+ months of being the center of attention (my belly anyway) it is weird when no one notices/ fusses over me anymore and goes straight to the baby.

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