First, completely off topic, I didn’t realize we could use pictures and headlines in Medium…
Jack Preston King

We need vagina dentae! Vaginas with teeth! If rape brought a high risk of defensive murder or physical injury, just as trying to murder or batter a (equally strong/armed) person does to an attacker, there would be less rape. (Not to mention the much more likely legal consequences in murder vs rape- absolute proof with a dead body, no confusion with consensual murder, etc.) Of course the act of rape is close to a common voluntary act of sex unlike murder or assault so there is that roadblock/ difference. But women are conditioned to accept rape much more than anyone is conditioned to accept murder, especially in the continuum of date rape/ ‘friend’ sexual assault where a woman may be thinking ‘wait is this REALLY happening?’

I think of women soldiers in war zones who do not reflexively murder their fellow soldiers who assault them. Yeah, I guess if he’s at your barracks playing cards you might have both checked your weapons at the door, but I believe (not having been there) that if someone tried to attack me on my way to the latrine at night I would shoot them with the weapon I was carrying. And that might well lead to less attempted attacks on (women) soldiers going to the latrine.

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