15 Effective Tips on How to Brand Your WordPress Blog

Even after its launch 14 years ago, WordPress remains as the leading blogging platform, content management system (CMS), and website builder. This impressive feat only shows how great it is in terms of usability. Its longevity is also the primary reason why a lot of bloggers and designers prefer having a WordPress blog for various projects.

Blogging is now used to help supplement the marketing efforts of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelance designers. Not only for marketing but for personal purposes like you do. With the newfound benefit of a blog, it is not enough to post content about products and services. It is emphasized that a blog be used to reflect the brand itself and not just a mere venue for marketing materials.

Just think of it, if a search is made about your product, one of the first sites that will show up is your blog. That’s your first chance of engaging leads and prospects. You have to reinforce the interest of the user by providing more than the needed information. By aligning a blog to your brand, you are assured of positive results because you are showing a certain level of authenticity. So, here are the 15 effective tips on how to to brand your blog.

1. Include Your Favicon and Logo

A favicon or “favorite icon” is a shortcut icon for your WordPress blog. It is that tiny icon that is displayed on the tabs of a browser. It can be your brand logo or entirely a different one. The most important thing to consider is that the favicon can be instantly associated to your brand and that the user will understand that it is more than just a part of the blog design.

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2. Be Consistent with Colors and Typography

An effective branding technique is by using a unique color and typography all throughout the communication and advertising materials. When branding a blog, the same fonts and color palette should be used. It should be seen from the WordPress blog themes used down to the fonts used on the content.

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3. Use Relevant Graphics

When planning a blog design for your WordPress blog, the graphics should likewise be aligned to the ones used for the advertising campaigns. Whether it is on social media, or you are sending out both electronic and paper mails. You have to achieve consistency in presenting the brand.

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4. Pick a Perfect WordPress Theme

With a WordPress blog, you have the power to play around with the blog design by changing the WordPress blog themes. Although you can change it in a whim, it is by giving extra thought in choosing which one to use that will help you decide on a theme that translates both consistency and significance with your brand plus functionality based on whatever plugins that comes with the theme.

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5. Always Present Great Content

A healthy readership only comes when you have something great to offer from your WordPress blog. Make it a goal to publish the best content all the time and at a regular posting rate.

Take note that most audience is highly visual. It is recommended to make the best content stand out by adding great graphics.

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6. Choose Best Layout for Your Blog

The different elements that are part of any WordPress blog themes should also be aligned with the brand. The sidebars, typography, colors, etc. will define the blog’s personality. The priority is to have it matched with all other branding elements while still going for a layout that is easy to read and is pleasant to the eyes.

7. Have the Right Web Design

Another way to brand a WordPress blog is by having the right web design. How you present content also creates an impression among the readers. Parallax scrolling, for example, enhances user experience by adding energy and a distinct appeal to the site. This makes the site memorable and a positive attribution to your brand.

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8. Add Video to Content

In a Study by Cisco, it is foreseen that by 2021, the web will be predominantly have video content. Impress your audience by being ahead of the pack and start using videos as part of your blog entries.

9. Reflect on Topics You’ll Cover

Upon starting a blog, you must have known about the importance of having a niche. Knowing what topics to blog about should also dictate how the blog’s design should be. It is only fitting that the topics and design elements do not clash but instead create a specific theme that will help establish the band.

10. Have the Least Ads Possible

While some bloggers rely on ads to survive, it won’t do good to have too much on the blog. It will only make the content look mixed-up and it is quite annoying to see more ad space than the actual content.

As a rule, keep ads to a minimum or none at all for a professional and streamlined presentation.

11. Reach Out to Influencers

A sensible way to have a wider reach is by having an influencer to plug your blog. They already have a huge following who considers their opinion. Just make sure that reaching out to influencers should benefit both parties. You can use services like Buzzsumo to research and connect with social media influencers to help build your brand.

12. Offer Email Subscriptions

Email is still one of the best ways to directly reach the readers. Do not miss out on the opportunity to get into their inbox by providing a signup form after every blog entry. Aside from blog posts, you may include product recommendations and offers in the email

13. Select Useful Plugins

Plugins are there either to make the blog look great or provide the best user experience. Choose well and your audience will appreciate how useful the blog is. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins available to help you improve and make your blogging experience much easier.

14. Link to Your Social Media

Let the audience know that the person behind the amazing WordPress blog they like is the same with all other accounts in your portfolio. Not only will this increase traffic to your site but it will also open up new avenues either for business or for a much wider audience reach.

15. Be Nice and Honest

When it comes to blogging, nothing is very much appreciated than honesty. Readers can see through every blog post so they’ll know if you are just making up stories. The easiest way to be honest and connect with the audience is by writing your own experiences that are true and relatable.

Branding Establishes Your WordPress Blog

Making a WordPress blog count is truly a challenge with the millions of other blogs out there. It is by stamping it with your own style, personality, and these techniques that will give your blog its rightful place in cyberspace.

On top of being consistent in giving great content, convey a more professional approach and be authoritative with these effective tips.

Do you have any suggestions or tips on branding a blog? Share your story by commenting below!

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