Still Not A Bro, Still Not A Russian Agent, Still Glad Hillary Lost
Caitlin Johnstone

YES! → “Did you know that Hillary Clinton campaigned on a promise to install a no-fly zone in Syria, which top military officials attested would necessitate a war with both Syria and Russia? No? Did Rachel Maddow and the Washington Post not make you aware of that indisputably true, critically-important, world-threatening fact? Guess what? That’s because they’re liars. They lie to you. Constantly.”

Thank you for point this out and for pointing out that becoming unstable to the point of violence and name-calling is not an emotionally mature or healthy response when presented with topics of debate.

Thankfully more people are seeing it that were in the middle, moderates of all political affiliations, because of the absolute refusal to bring up Norman Hsu, Whitewater, Chinagate, Uranium One, the 1.3 Billion in “owed interest” to Iran as important facts worthy of investigation, debate and dissecting.

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