How many venues could you do in a day? That’s me on the right inside the Olympic Park in Gangneung, home of the ice events. Photo © Jenn Virskus.

Pyeongchang Should Award an Olympic Medal in Spectating

It takes stamina, determination, and a serious budget to be a spectator at the 2018 Winter Olympics.


Well, that’s one way to get around! Photo © Jenn Virskus.


Swiss and American superfans at the women’s slalom at Yongpyeong. Photo © Jenn Virskus.
The backside of the Pyeongchang ski jump, as viewed from Alpensia Ski Resort.
You thought I was exaggerating about the stairs, didn’t you. Nope. Taken climbing up to Joengensen Alpine Center for the women’s downhill. And this is only a small section of the climb. Photo © Jenn Virskus.


The organizing committee claims that 90% of all tickets have been sold. But that’s not what it looked like at the men’s giant slalom. If tickets, accommodation, and getting around were easier, would they have actually sold out? Photo © Jenn Virskus.



Content manager Saildrone. Writer, skier, sailor, adventurer, photographer, cat lover, stuff doer, proud Lithuanian.

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