Return good for evil

Have you ever got comments full of hate on the Internet? I bet most of you have. You may be a public person and get tons of jealous and hateful comments or there might be a single hater — your ex, your envious coworker, your neighbor. I get hateful comments almost every day, but I never pay attention to it, get angry/offended/frustrated/etc by it.

Do you want to know why?

Because I know who they are. I don’t know their names, personalities or backgrounds, they are almost always anonymous. I know that those “haters” are nobody.

Next time when you get a mean comment from an empty profile under your Instagram photo, or an angry reply on Twitter, don’t get upset. Count to ten and remember that among those anonymous haters there are no:

  • Physically attractive people
  • Wealthy people
  • Psychologically stable people
  • People who are loved

That means that you interact with a poor, ugly and psychologically damaged person. A looser.

People who look and live like this never go anonymous.

They just don’t have time for that and — what’s more important — an intention to write mean comments. All sufficient people never sink in the scale for that.

Here’s the question: what do you do with online haters? Do you get into arguments? Start doxxing, maybe? Or are you a full person and stay superior to them?