Minister for Health, Sussan Ley, opens the consumer forum for the Medicare Benefits scheme review.

Got a Gripe With Medicare? Now’s The Time To Speak Up.

For anyone who’s experienced the annoyance of having to make multiple GP visits for referrals or medications, you know that Medicare could be run a lot more efficiently.

If you’ve experienced any kind of frustration with Medicare or the services received from your GP, now is your time to turn up the volume on that complaint.

The Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) is being reviewed and they need to hear from you.

Yesterday kick-started a number of forums around the country to gain feedback from everyday folks about what we think is and isn’t working with Medicare.

The purpose is to strip back inefficiencies to make more funding available for other essential health services.

I was in Sydney yesterday to suggest Medicare fund additional specialist appointments so carers can have more time to discuss their loved one’s needs in detail.

All too often, carers questions and needs are sidelined due to time constraints. This is a real barrier for carers who want to be equipped with knowledge that will help them care for their loved one.

We want Medicare to fund time with specialists so carers can learn more about their loved one’s condition, how to support them, and get advice on the challenges that might lie ahead.

This knowledge and support can be fundamental to building the capacity of family members and friends to provide care.

That was our big issue but if you have something you want to say, there is a survey available here.

You can also write a letter or a submission.

The department is also looking for consumer representatives (‘consumer’ means an everyday person who uses health services) to take part in working committees.

The only requirement is that you use Medicare. That’s it.

All the same, this is a prestigious appointment for anyone who has a genuine interest in this issue. If you would like to participate, you can contact the Consumer Health Forum for details.