Thinking out loud (not my rough draft)

This post is kind of just an organizer for me, something to help me get my ideas out and make a few things clear.

The first thing I wanted to point out was the fact that I will not be using any names when referring to the people I have interviewed for my project. This is mostly a safety/privacy thing. The people I involved in my project are people who are trans/nonbinary/genderfluid and unfortunately the world isn’t safe enough for me to publish their names along with their identities. Since I am posting my project on a public forum, anyone could see it and I would not like for them to be outted/put in danger. I am not sure how I will refer to them yet, I may just use Person 1, Person 2, etc. or develop code names for them (probably after cute animals or something). I just wanted to make this point clear to those who read my paper so there is no confusion!

For the overall organization of my paper I was thinking of starting off with some explanations of the different identities, the difference between sex and gender, social constructs, and information about the brain. I think this would be a good foundation to build upon so that my paper can be as clear as possible for those who may not be educated on the subject. I also find the brain studies(no such thing as a female brain/male brain, brains are brains!) to be very important and very interesting and I think it will help to emphasize some of the points I make in my paper.

The second part of my paper will be dedicated to the interviews/personal stories I have collected from my trans/nonbinary/genderfluid friends. They highlight the kinds of things they deal with on a daily basis and the problems they run into at school. I have known a couple of these people for a long amount of time so I will also be drawing from past things they have said to me about their identities and their school experiences (I have their permission, of course!). I’m not sure how to structure this part of my paper yet. I don’t know if I should do a summary of what they said or direct quotes or which format would be most effective! I will probably end up doing a mixture of both so my audience can feel like they are a part of the conversation. I’m excited to get this all written out for my rough draft so I can start to get my ideas out.

Lastly I will be having some sort of wrap up/conclusion. I will emphasize and summarize the things that were most important along with putting in some final opinions. I might add in a statistic here or something because I like to add a mic drop to the end of all my papers, I like to leave my readers with something to think about!