Tips for Sending Business Gifts

If I asked what the most important component of sending something is, and promised that it’s not a trick question, what would you say? You might say the address of where it’s going, or the object that you are trying to send, or you might even say the shipping boxes because you can’t send anything without something to send them in. All of these would be good answers, and they should hopefully all harmonize in providing an effective shipping experience.

All of that is pointless if what you are sending shows up at the recipient’s house broken or destroyed in some way. Maybe the shipping company has some responsibility in that, but it really comes down to how well the item was packaged. It’s no surprise that the shipping industry is rough and tumble, and trying to send something without having it properly prepared is silly indeed.

Yes, it all starts with the shipping boxes. Choose strong cardboard and the right size. You can also get free shipping boxes from the USPS, which will help offset the cost of shipping and provides appropriate sizes for most items.

Use the right kind of packaging tape or the care taken in choosing the right kind of box will become obsolete. The tape should be two inches wide, and strong. It should be plastic and reinforced. Scotch tape and masking tape are not very strong and they destroy easily. Be careful not to use duct tape, though. It might be the most obvious choice, but all major shipping carriers caution against it.

If you are sending something that is very fragile and/or important, double package! Pack a box, and then pack that box into an even larger box, using packing peanuts or paper to fill in the gaps. If you still aren’t feeling very confident, there are plenty of videos posted on the internet that will guide you through the process of packaging and shipping. Finally, include your business card or some sort of card representing your business. You want your recipient to remember that it’s from you and that you appreciate their business.

When it comes time to actually send the package, take into account the shipping schedule (to include what “overnight” means and what the holidays are). You are going to need this information to appropriately calculate the estimated time of shipping. Tracking is free for most packages, and is recommended to use that service. Don’t just send something off and assume that it has made it to the recipient with no problems.