Task Analysis: Painting a Room

In an exercise to solve how to paint a room, I did a task analysis using paper and pencil.

Using a single piece of paper, folded over to create 8 squares, I ended up finding 7 steps total. Steps 1 and 2 were fairly straight forward: 1. Talk to the roommates. 2. E-mail the landlord. The third step is where there was a bit of divergence depending on the landlord’s answer. If the landlord decided to cover it, we just had one other step of finding a time to set up the painting. If the landlord did not cover the costs, the roommates and I would need to 1. Determine how much paint was needed. 2. Buy paint and split the costs with the roommates. 3. Tape around windows and doors/floorboards. 4. Put down a tarp. 5. Paint the walls.

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