We’ve all heard the term copywriting. But what is it really?

In the most simple terms, I describe copywriting as “conversational sales writing.”

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But truly, copywriting can be broken down even further. There are three key aspects that define effective copywriting:

1. Conversational

Copywriting is not salesy; instead, it’s speaking to your ideal client through the computer screen in the same way you’d talk with them over coffee.

2. Benefit-Focused

Effective copy centers the conversation about WHY and HOW the product, service, or program will make the consumer’s life better. It revolves around the product’s benefits, not the product’s features.

3. Focused on the Senses

Although effective copy is NOT poetic, it IS inviting, interactive, and emotionally-engaging.

Imagine you’re at a fancy dinner party.

You’ve just indulged in scrumptious island duck with mulberry mustard, brie with cranberry chutney, and a ginger layer cake topped with poached pears. And now, as the waiters take the dishes away, it’s time to sit around in the lounge with a glass of Dom Perignon and chat with the other guests.

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An hour or so of laughter and stories pass by, and you clench when a deep rumble erupts from your stomach. You start to feel gassy and bloated and — oh no — the badly-timed gasps of air from acid reflux.

This is hardly the place to suppress belches and undo your belt several notches.

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Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that has forever changed the world of fitness. It was originally created for weight loss, but can easily be adapted to focus on gaining muscle.

The goal is to work your muscles to failure to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time.

How Do You Complete a Tabata Workout?

The structure of Tabata is to exercise for twenty seconds and then rest for ten. You repeat this eight times, which equals a total of four minutes.

Every twenty seconds of exercise is called a cycle, and the total of four minutes is called a set.

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There are many free Tabata timer apps you can download that keep track of your cycles and sets.


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