The Importance of Icons

Icons are a tangible part of our everyday lives. They help us navigate, designate, summarize, and express ourselves, among other things. It’s safe to say that icons provide utility and the same is true about icons on the web.

Web Icons add an element of creativity and beauty to a site, but their primary purpose is to support your content and aid the user in achieving their desired task in the most enjoyable way.

In addition to supporting the user in their end goal, Icons can help to create and/or add to the brand identity. There are certain common signs and symbols within every culture, and even around the world, that the majority of people are familiar with and their meanings are instantly recognizable. Many of those signs we see out in the world can be implemented on the web, helping to navigate and inform users with comparable success.

Turning this concept into action, I went out and photographed some common signs around my neighborhood. After making a rough sketch (very rough, I’m not much of a drawer), I was able to turn those sketches into active vectors, scalable for the web. Check out my work below!

Terrible, I know! But you get the gist!

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