Picture: Greg Rakozy

Are you a creator?

We were created to create, to find our passions and to create it into reality. All of us were born to create and it doesn’t mean a baby you’re creating but maybe a business, a dream, or a future. It’s something we’re born with, it’s what makes us who we are. Sadly, people don’t make it into finding out their passion, nor do people have the same drive as others.

What drives you? Do you have drive? What is drive? So many questions I can ask, but what is the true definition? Drive is within you, it’s what keeps you up at night, it’s what haunts you during the day, and it’s what you dream of at night. Few people do what they love, only few know what they want and it’s a magical feeling inside you that leads you into the right direction.

I have high hopes on becoming a young entrepreneur, I know I got the drive for it and the passion to do it. It’s like I knew that someday I’ll do something different, in terms of my future. I had to encounter a lot before it all came to place, but sometimes these trials and errors happen for a purpose we don’t see until it’s time.

I was inspired by a conversation I had earlier with a friend about creating, how we were created to create our future. (Greater things we don’t see yet) I’m a strong believer that everyone has potential but only few were chosen to actually do the work. Are you going to be that person who can create? Leave a legacy? Impact the world? I challenge you to find your passion and create.


Jenni ❤ Dear

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