Call Senator Jeff Brandes 850–487–5024 : Tell him you don’t support TNC legislation that makes it legal for Uber, Lyft, PCIAA and Florida personal auto insurers to DENY ALL CLAIMS when TNC drivers are logged off the app “personal time” driving. The TNC Company must be legislated primary insurer when drivers log off the app unless the personal policy says in writing TNC drivers personal insurance switches ON when the driver logs off the Uber Lyft app. NO FLORIDA AUTO INSURER WILL WRITE A PERSONAL POLICY FOR AN UBER OR LYFT DRIVER WITH KNOWLEDGE. Tell Senator Brandes pending TNC legislation is State sponsored personal auto insurance fraud. Florida Uber Lyft drivers pay over $75 million annually for a personal policy that 24/7 covers NOTHING AND NO ONE app on or off. That is why PCIAA and Florida auto insurers are lobbying to pass the TNC bill. 100% profit to the tune of $75 million premium dollars with ZERO RISK.

Tell Senator Brandes to REPEAL the 1988 taxi & limo permit cap law that shafted drivers and the public by creating the Medallion Owner Taxi Limo Cartel which drove up meter rates and destroyed the industry. ANY DRIVER THAT WANTS TO BUY AN INDEPENDENT OPERATOR TAXI OR LIMO PERMIT IS ENTITLED TO A FREE MARKET TOO. TNC & TAXI drivers ARE NOT “independent contractors” until they can buy a permit and build a personal client base.