An Open Letter to The Uber Board and Investors
Mitch & Freada Kapor

Uber investor public outcry a little too late?

This is all spot on. But my anger comes from the ZERO public outcry from investors on the horrible way Uber treats its drivers like indentured servants instead of self employed contractors working independently. This isn’t just an oversight. This oppression of drivers is cold and calculated. Right down to David Plouffe flying to Seattle to try and strong arm lawmakers to cease and desist on follow through on legalizing union rights for your Uber drivers who generate the income to repay your investment. And the antilabor US Chamber filing a lawsuit to stop the Seattle uber driver union law not only was yet another in a long list of slaps in the face to your Uber drivers but also stressed local government leaving taxpayers to foot the city’s legal tab.

And the way Uber attacked the city official in Austin? With Uber lobbyists bragging on social media “you ain’t seen nothing yet”? The mafia has better ethics and moral standards than Uber does.

Early drivers who helped make what Uber is today bought new cars only to then become victims of relentless price slashing of fares. And to add insult to injury Travis threw in UberPool. Drivers not accepting these rides getting suspended or put in time out. Kind of hard for investors not to have noticed the driver protests and lawsuits. But the way Uber treated drivers didn’t hurt the potential return on your investment the way this sex harassment scandal has the potential too. And now you go public to hold Travis accountable.

And the bad karma Travis and Uber banked on what it did to taxi drivers is YUGE. Taxi drivers have been exploited since the ride industry began. Do you know at the launch of Uber taxi drivers supported it and could not wait for Uber to come to our towns and save us from the hostage permit medallion systems we were trapped in? We did not break the taxi system. We were the victims of it.

But taxi drivers soon learned we would be blocked from the UberTaxi app and Travis was on a hell bent mission not to compete with us but to exterminate us. Not a warm fuzzy feeling. Taxi drivers soon figured out Uber spent millions on lobbyists to destroy us. We waited for regulators to abolish the closed taxi limo permit system but we learned Travis K & Uber was NEVER going to let that happen. Travis wanted to make sure Uber drivers were held hostage to Uber with no access to buy a taxi or limo permit and build their own small business while working on the app. Travis makes the entrenched Taxi Cartel look like choir boys.

The app technology known as Uber should have liberated ALL the drivers and finially made the ground transportation system win win for riders AND drivers. But it didn’t go down like that. Not by a longshot. For Taxi and TNC drivers Uber went from Hero to Zero a long time ago. And from the #deleteuber trending on Twitter it looks like Uber is going from Hero to Zero with the public as well.

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