Should Donald Trump Apologize?

This is the hot topic on all media outlets, and while I do not follow politics very fervently, I find this question the most poignant and humanizing.

Let’s backtrack a little about apologies.

Growing up, I remember once a neighbor’s kid said something mean to me. I told my mom, and she made the kid apologize to me. The apology was hollow, meaningless, and I walked away from him feeling slightly worse.

I don’t think Donald Trump should apologize, because it would not be heartfelt. Too often politicians and celebrities are quick to apologize because of media pressure. The apology is written by someone else, and it is said to garner a more favorable image.

I’ve never been a fan of the fake apology. If Donald Trump’s campaign is predicated on being truthful, he shouldn’t apologize unless he means it. In fact, he probably feels he was simply being factual in his remark, and feels that everyone else is being “too sensitive”.

Donald Trump, and people like Donald Trump, do not operate from a place of emotion, even when a situation calls for an emotional response. This is a personality disorder. Some people use the catchall “sociopath”, but I don’t think that’s accurate. I am not a therapist so I’m not going to speculate on what his diagnosis is. Generally, I find that highly-financially successful men often lack the social and emotional components in other areas of their life. I have seen this firsthand in many male business owners. And it’s scary stuff.

A (sincere) apology can go a long way. While intangible, it can obliterate the mental roadblocks that can affect the way a person moves on emotionally. It’s validation. It matters.

The Khans deserve empathy, emotional support, and respect. They do not need the empty apology of the mean boy next door.