Growth Mindset

The growth mindset, the beautiful realization that we do not have to limit ourselves to the circumstances we are in right now, in this moment. The mindset that allows us to shift our thoughts, behaviors and actions. The mentality that gives you an opportunity to reflect, pinpoint, pivot and shift. YOU CAN GROW…yes you, you can grow.
All of your actions today do not define you or your character. Yep, that is right. You get the chance to redefine yourself right now and every day. And, while all of this redefinition is happening, you get the comfort of having an unwavering wonderful human essence. The judgements others have of you mean nothing to your true being.
So forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. Promise yourself to have some grace with yourself because YOU ARE HUMAN. Go forward with intention, a heart full of love and a desire to grow.

I have changed since the end of my freshman year. I have changed since last year. I have changed since last week. I believe I am changing for the better. With each passing day, I believe my intentions grow more true and my actions more authentic. I am not perfect and that is perfectly okay. I am on a journey. I have intentions to make the world a more loving, peaceful place to live in, and that is enough. And for this same reason, you are enough.

Believing you are enough is a practice and it is something we can all grow into. The systems we are in constantly tell us we need to “be better”, we need to “work harder”, we need to be “more successful”. It can be draining and exhausting. Remind yourself that everything you are doing today is enough. Bring yourself to the realization that you existing is enough. Once you have a peace of mind, you will actually be more inclined to go out, grow healthily and make a positive impact. Stressing yourself out to be perfect is not growth — that is deterioration.

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