Unintended Consequences

My favorite quote is from Foucault:

“You may know what you do and even why you do it. What you don’t know is what what you do does.”

I had a life chaining moment when my son was four in 2011. As I was running late to work and all the anxiety of, “ I can’t get it all done!.” My son asks at the worst possible moment:“Mommy, does your heart remote control people?” Again, this was 2011. He at four years old was contemplating how the world works and considering the heart in some relationship with technology. I will never be the same. For the first time I had the idea that he would not know the difference between “virtual reality” and “reality” stopped me in my tracks. It has caused me to pay much deeper attention to the both algorithms and what is now called the #codeeconomy.

I just learned about Possible Minds — a book about #AI. I am thankful for John Brockman and his colleagues as they caused me to want to do more in this space. As I looked up the 26 contributors, I noticed only 3 were women- two from Berkley and one from MIT. Who else are the voices shaping the future? We need to pay attention to both the technology and the influencers. We need to be spending time also on Possible Hearts.

Join me. in the conversations about #AI and information ethics and data privacy as these are the themes I curate here in my new newsletter “Unintended Consequences.” We need to build scenarios for worst case, too.


Deeply concerned,


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