My 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Day 7

Journal about something good that happened today:

My cousin shared some news about her new hair. It was brief, but nice. We don’t talk much and it felt good to socialize, not just talk family logistics.

Random act of kindness:

I decided to act very courteous to everyone at the grocery store. I let a few people go in front of me to exit, etc., however I feel I could do more.


I tried after my shower, but then the baby woke up screaming and then I crashed. Will do it earlier in the day tomorrow.


Did my morning yoga/stretching, still stiff. Went to the gym too, just for cardio. It took two tries today too- when I loaded the baby in he was miserable- I could tell he needed a nap, so we went after his nap. Glad we did. Kudos to me for being flexible in my actions, even if I’m not flexible in my body.

3 things I’m grateful for:

  1. The One You Feed podcast is so good. I have this thing against doing dishes. It’s weird and intense, though I am SO much better now. However, I have my days, like today, when I need a few tricks to help get the job done. One trick is listening to something engaging. The One You Feed podcast is just that.
  2. I didn’t know it was going to rain today! Lovely!
  3. I found 2 pounds of frozen responsibly caught wild salmon for half price today. I love when things on my shopping list are unexpectedly on sale. Money is tight. I’m not earning income now, except that a penny saved is a penny earned, and that little bit gives me satisfaction.