My 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Day 6


Didn’t do it. So effin tired.


I’m feeling my body differently. I’m stiff and sore and my muscles are spasming (last night the right side of my calf spasmmed- how do I stretch that??). Then tonight my right mid back spasmmed- which also triggers huge amounts of anxiety (from when I suffered traumatic chronic back pain in DC). I did my morning yoga/stretched for 15 minutes in the morning and focused on stretching tonight for another 15. This sounds very logical: take it easy on yourself, go slow- you pushed your body too hard the last few days- hours driving in a car, poor sleep and too much picking up baby/dog/luggage/etc.. But big pats on my back for actually taking logical action- before I would have exercised, ignoring my body, trying to match where I was before the trip, OR not work out at all and anxiously eat Yogurtland with as many chocolate toppings I could fit.

3 things I’m grateful for:

  1. Today I do not take for granted the washer and dryer in the house. Our hamper overfloweth today. And I’ve lived in apartments where we didn’t have them, so thank you washer and dryer for being here and doing what you do.
  2. My god, no place like California does a good bean and cheese burrito. That was our dinner tonight- husbands idea, we love us some good food.
  3. I’m grateful for J.J. Abrams. We watched the final episode of what we call “the rabbit hole”, Stephen King’s time travel series tonight. I like his taste- I can recognize his touches on the show. He also did the Star Trek movies which I could watch any time, again and again.

Journal about one good thing that happened today:

I had some romantic time with A when the baby napped. A perk of A working from home. That won’t be the case for long, so I really appreciate these moments.

Random act of kindness:

I pushed through my evening fatigue and tidied up and made A some herbal tea with cinnamon. I wanted to do something nice for him. Doing it from a place of kindness feels so much better than doing it from a place of stress.