Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Happy Friday the 13th! I locked my keys in my office so went and got coffee ($5) since my other coworker tends to show up late. The cats need more food and the dog needs treats and a new harness ($50). The spouse is going to Boston to visit a friend and watch football/drink beers ($50), and I will be walking the dog, relaxing around the house, maybe cleaning, maybe doing work for one of my extracurricular activities, definitely watching Netflix. One car needs an oil change ($50), and probably gas ($20), plus the usual grocery store visit ($100). Estimate: $225 since I still have a $50 gift card left from xmas.

EDITED: Please add $1,705.57 to my estimate because I am too annoyed to wait until the end of the month to pay off one student loan so I just tapped into my savings and paid it off today!!!!!!!!