Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I estimated $225 and spent $270. I enjoyed my intro crossfit class, and I’m thinking I’m going to sign up for a three month session. Unfortunately, that means $160/month out of the budget. It’ll be worth it if I can finally get back in shape. I renewed my license ($50) and got one car inspected ($35). The spouse’s round of golf was more expensive than planned ($75), and one of my cats was sick so I got him new treats, a new bed, and dog treats so Polly wouldn’t get jealous ($45). The cat tried to steal the steak off my spouse’s dinner plate last night, so he’s clearly feeling better now. I had dinner with an old friend and met her baby (free and adorable), and right now I’m hanging out on my brother’s couch before heading into the city for the morning (free unless I drive and pay for parking).

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