This feels like very relevant advice.

I just regret that it took me a couple years to get and understanding of the program and get my loans consolidated. I have five and a half years left, but would have two less if I had been better informed about the program. Oh well.

For me, I’m not worried about the classification of my position. Government employee =government employee. I just get night terrors that Congress will unilaterally pull the program without grandfathering in any current participants.

The issue with the current law suit, from what I’ve read, is that many of these individuals were employed by the ABA, which is a for-profit professional association, but were working in non-profit arms of that organization. They meet the spirit of PSLF, but maybe not the letter of it when you look at the actual language. Still, the initial acceptance of the certification should hold weight, and in the future the review procedure should be improved.

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