Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

Spring was in the air this weekend and I loved it. I’d estimate that 1/2 the snow in our yard has melted, with the rest going away this week where it will hit 60! The dog got in lots of walks. She was also very good at the vet, where she is in good health, but her annual shots were pricey ($248). I didn’t get a skirt, but I did find a vintage tweed blazer that feels tailored to my measurements ($6). We spent $160 at Home Depot, and it’s amazing how small changes can bring a house out of the 70’s and into the present. House changes will continue this week when we get the new curtains that we ordered on Amazon ($78). Food purchases included the usual weekly groceries ($123), plus fancy cookies and beer on Friday and other snacks for the weekend ($75). It was a spendy weekend, but productive, and again, loving this weather.

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