Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

The government did not shutdown, and it looks like there will be no problem this week passing a budget to get us through September! Hooray for Congress on actually doing their jobs!

I under-spent this weekend because we did not go grocery shopping. I was too physically exhausted from doing yard work all weekend. I strained my hamstring, my back hurts, and I have a more than a few scratches, but I have a full garden planted with flowers, herbs, and veggies, and I pulled up a bunch more invasive vines out of the back yard.

On Friday the dog got a vaccine for kennel cough so that she can go to daycare this week ($27), and I took my intern out for happy hour ($35). Saturday the spouse visited with his family ($80) while I toiled in the dirt ($0). Sunday we did more yard work and got grass seed, grass fertilizer, and potted flowers at Lowe’s ($154). It started to rain to we decided to go out for a late lunch ($37) and then relaxed for the rest of the day. Respectable $333, plus so many expenditures later this week (we’re having a patio installed)!

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