Things I learned from Whole30 (Round 1)

I’m currently embarking on Round 2 of Whole30 a year and a half later (on the infamous Day 4); found this list of things I’d learned the first time around, so thought it might be helpful to someone else, too.

  • Basic leftovers are better (can be built upon)
  • Breakfast is tough. Don’t make it an afterthought.
  • Fat is your friend
  • Textures makes a difference; acid makes the meal
  • Homemade mayo is amazing & versatile
  • Going out eats into my budget way more than extra groceries did
  • Going out, despite what Whole30 says, is nearly impossible
  • So much of my social life revolves around food & alcohol
  • Packing lunch is preferable to packing ingredients
  • SO many dishes, especially bowls, ramekins & spoons
  • Wash cutting boards & knives sparingly; just wiping them down during meal prep is fine & saves time, so long as you’re not dealing with meat or eggs
  • If you’re actually eating enough food, cravings are not as intense (and most times don’t even appear)
  • My skin likes vegetables. And fat!
  • Cooking instincts (different from skills) are needed to succeed. Also time.
  • I did not starve. I did not suffer. This is sustainable dieting.
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