Analysis Entry #11

Do The Panama Papers Even Matter?

Publication: AJ+

Media Convergence

AJ+ is an online news and current events channel by Al Jazeera Media Network. Shortly after Al Jazeera established an office in 2013, work on their YouTube channel began. AJ+ produces digital news packages and media directly to social platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

AJ+ uses various video formats to stream news to their viewers:

· Real Time — Breaking and topical news published directly to social feeds, ranging in length from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

· In Depth — Video features and contextual background pieces.

· Short Documentaries- Documentaries on AJ+ generally range in length from 6–10 minutes.

· Video Journalists — Correspondents pieces are usually shot on various locations around the world.

The video chosen for this particular analysis falls under the Real Time category. The aim of these bite-sized, topical videos is to deliver the news in a neat and concise package.

The audience aren’t confronted with the daunting task of reading a wall of text, alternatively they receive an easy to understand timeline of events, strengthened by on-screen annotations and a brief outline.

You might think 30 seconds isn’t a great deal of time to inform a mass audience about the ongoing fiasco that is the Panama Papers, but AJ+ doesn’t wish to dump every morsel of information onto the viewer’s lap.

Instead, it provides them with key tidbits, and enough knowledge to entice the viewer into researching the story further.

With the Panama Papers story being reported on extensively; it is particularly satisfying to simply click on a 30 second or 3 minute that summarises the entire day’s events.

Media convergence has become a great avenue for major news organisations to create innovative and provocative ways to inform people about, not just national, but global events as well.

With that being said, AJ+ popularity has sky rocketed within the past twelve month. The online news provider revealed in August 2015 that the channel had reached over 1 billion views across all social media platforms.