Are you on Snapchat? Take the #SnapSafe Pledge!

Join in taking a pledge to end distracted driving on snapchat!

I love the platform, but more and more of my fellow snappers are snapping while driving. Let’s join together as a community to save the lives of our fellow snappers and countless others.

In his article, “Today I Stopped Supporting and Following Several “Friends” on Social Media!” my friend & fellow snapper, Mitch Jackson,(CA_Lawyer) asked each of us to be a leader and let people know that if others use social media while driving they will not be followed by you.

Distracted driving has many shapes — but it’s anything that takes your eyes, mind, and/or hands off the task at hand — driving.

· Putting on makeup

· Eating

· Changing music

· Texting

· Livestreaming

· Making phone calls

· Snapping

· Setting GPS locations

You can take the pledge to use on ALL forms of social media. For this article, I’m focusing on Snapchat.

Are you ready to take the pledge?!

1. I pledge never to use snapchat while I’m driving

2. I pledge to exit any snap stories when the snapper is driving

3. I pledge to send a private snap to the driving snapper asking them to please stop doing so, and to #SnapSafe

Big shout out to Jeannie Spuhler(@OurSnappyHour) for creating the image! Feel free to download or screenshot for use to send to driving snappers.

To take the pledge — do these steps:

1. Comment below that you’ve taken the pledge!

2. Comment with your snapchat username so we can hold you accountable!

3. Download the above image and share with others who are driving and snapping (after you close out of their story).

4. OPTIONAL: If you’re using the Ghostcodes app, list #SnapSafe in ‘interests’ so we can find you!


Today snapchat released this filter — it’s a start —but as a community we need to do more! Vote with your eyes and attention — send a clear message to other snappers that it’s not safe and we don’t want to see you drive and snap!

Thanks to Mitch Jackson & Jennifer Hoverstad for bringing attention to this on last week’s episode of TheShow.Live

Thanks for taking the pledge! Let’s all #SnapSafe

I’m passionate about ending distracted driving because I was in a serious car accident caused by my very own distracted driving in 1999. I understand how easily one can get distracted & how quickly an innocent distraction can end so badly. Many who made the same choice as I did aren’t here to remind you. I’m grateful & humbled, and hope you’ll take the pledge to #SnapSafe #EndDD.

UPDATE 4/28/2016 — Please join the #StopDD group started by Mitch Jackson — together we can accomplish more! Join here.