Weeknotes 10

How did this week go?

Change is the only constant…. well it certainly is at DWP right now — new SoS, Junior Ministers and Perm Sec in a week! Some old faces in different roles, some new ones. So my next task is to think about how to engage our new leadership in designing the future. But for now, to review last week.

Actual footage of me watching BBC News/Guardian Live Blog/ Twitter: Oh man I love reshuffle day(s)!
A contrasting couple of days….
  • Argument is essential — we don’t want too much consensus
  • Government “often a case study of collective stupidity” [excuse me!]
  • Whitehall is a machine that tries to pretend there is one good way to do things.
  • Wisdom is supposedly the highest level of collective intelligence is really the ability to judge the setting and outcomes
  • We have lots of smart devices but we’re not necessarily becoming collectively more intelligent
  • Emerging examples of collective intelligence projects include spotting epidemics as they emerge— and then feeding back to public health to deal with them and the Cancer registry in NHS — feeding in data on observation, predictive diagnoses etc
  • Everyone doing these things is improvising [you could say this of a quite a few things]
  • Millennials feel like they’re part of a collective knowledge and share their feelings and minds readily, thanks to technology

In other news…

For little nudges on opening up and getting better at things in Gov generally, One Team Gov now has a micro actions twitter feed https://twitter.com/OneTeamGovMicro

Things I have discovered this week:

Thinking of the blogging conversation… this nice piece on fighting your Impostor Syndrome



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Jenny Vass

Jenny Vass

Londoner, government geek, feminist. Writes #weeknotes about the day job, leadership and interesting things I find on the internet.