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Australian author of Coastal Romance,

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I’m a romance author, in my late thirties, the owner of a golden retriever and an Australian. These are all tags, or aspects of my identity, that I’m happy to share online to…


Building a better world, one happy ever after at a time

To appreciate life in all its crazy glory is to me a source of comfort. I’ve tended to talk of…


The power to change our stories

A romance novel is a rollercoaster. Up and down, up and down, until a shattering crisis just before the end. That is the point at…


The promise of now

Romance novels use all the senses and readers lose themselves in that sensual world. It’s not mechanical sex. That would be porn. It’s about…

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Romance novels are stories of hope, powerful ways of seeing the role of hope in our lives

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No one listens, but you have to say it anyway

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Forbidden Fruit

Entropy — Creativity

From chaos comes beauty

In our universe, all things fall apart. This is called entropy.


Wrapped up in love

There is something sneaky about romance novels, and it’s their insistence on wrapping you up in love. Sure, you’re reading for the hero and…


Living your passion

Having a purpose in life is a partner to hope. It keeps you moving when hope dives into an empty wombat burrow and refuses to come out. It also…


Dare to change the world

A romance novel begins with conflict. No conflict: no story.


Romance novels are weapons of hope

What is hope? It’s a giant “YES!” to life. And that is the heart of a romance novel.

Forbidden Fruit

Writer, thou shalt not

So, you’re writing a novel? Me, too. Well, not really. I’m writing a short story that’s overdue and then I’ll start the next novel…

It’s Not Writer’s Block

Your story sucks

I’ve learned this lesson again and again, but I’m still hitting my head against the brick wall of my own stupidity.

Whem my writing slows to a crawl and I start thinking that dentistry would be more fun, then the story has gone wrong.

For me, that wrongness is always — ALWAYS — a lack of…