Observations (Commuting): Week 2

Last week I began describing my daily morning routine as a commuter. This week I will describe the rest of my daily routine after class as a commuter. To start things off, after classes I would usually head straight to the library to do some studying and homework. I usually don’t like heading home right away once my classes are finished for the day. It would feel like I am not taking advantage of the study spaces and resources offered at the university. After I spent some time studying, I would head to the bus stop and wait for the campus shuttle in order to get to my parking lot. Afterwards, I would finally start my drive back home to Columbia Heights. However, there are times when I would pick up my girlfriend from MCTC and give her a ride home as well back in Columbia Heights. Usually this happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When I finally get home, I would once again start studying and doing homework. Most of my time-consuming homework comes from my chemistry and calculus classes, which requires a lot of persistence and stamina. I also had the chance to compare my daily routine with a fellow student and friend of mine. His form of transportation consists of using the transit bus to arrive to the university campus. Most of his classes are also on the morning and in order to satisfy the bus schedule, he needs to wake up a lot earlier than I would need to. After his classes he usually stays on campus to do some homework, study, hang out with friends, and attend club meetings. Then he would finally be on his way home at a later time than I would be. Our routines are similar with the only exceptions being the amount of time to get on and off the campus.