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That is How it Goes — Brea’s Air:

Children, especially teens, have parent manipulation and driving them crazy down to a science.

My oldest daughter and her two younger siblings, a sister and a brother, were born over a decade apart. The oldest was born fourteen years before her younger sister and brother because I divorced her alcoholic father when she was two and didn’t remarry until she was eleven. So the issues I had with her ended up being much different than that of the others when they reached those dreaded teen years.

At fourteen my oldest, just like toddlers, didn’t want to hear the word ‘no’ at all. Not no she couldn’t do whatever she wanted or anything related to make up, clothes, friends, being late home or not being ready for school on time or anything. She had a response for every remark and every reasoning to keep the disagreement going. One day I asked a psychologist I knew what to do and his response was to tell me in no uncertain terms that “you can’t win an argument with a teenager and if I tried that tactic they’d even turn punishment into a reason to keep the argument going.” …

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Trump’s failed promise to protect American jobs and the 2018 Republican tax law are costing jobs

Once it was called corporate raiding but either way American jobs are lost

The Promise

Trump swore repeatedly during the 2016 presidential campaign he would turn the country around economically by ending the outsourcing of American jobs and cutting taxes, and still sticks to that premise today. First of all the new tax law benefits corporations, investment groups, and other financial entities over the average hard working Americans. And second, outsourcing is on the rise with jobs going overseas or to multiple locations around the U.S.

T Boone Pickens and Perelman were famed corporate raiders. Pickens video on how to takeover a company

Corporate raiders destroyed companies and cut jobs

During the 1970’s -1990’s corporate raiders like T. Boone Pickens and Ronald Perelman looked for vulnerable companies looking to take their company public, or struggling to increase sales or manageability e.g. They usually wanted to retain an equitable number of shares afterwards along with control of operations, and/or a seat on the board of directors. In 1974 Coleman Industries, located in Wichita, KS, became a victim of Perelman. Wanting to focus on paying off its debt and the companies long-term interests, the family offered $64 a share to take the company private. Perelman, owner of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc. offered more and indicated they could go even higher, forcing Coleman to acquiesce. Pickens, on the other hand was more into oil and gas company takeovers. …

The KS candidate paints himself as a populist and man of the people, but the ‘real Kobach’ is much darker

There has always been a dark and racist side to Kobach’s politics

Whether campaigning for Secretary of State, Governor, or U.S. Senate, KS Cris Kobach takes on the persona of Mr. all American, friend of the populous usually appears casually dressed, boyish, and flashing his charming smile at campaign stops, in posters, and videos. …

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Teachers want specialized training to work with students Pre-K — high school

Helping students learn positive ways to express feelings at school

Over the past two decades schools have seen a growing number of students with little anger control, who have few or no social skills, and who are unable to meet emotional challenges positively in a classroom or public environment. The result has been a dramatic increase in disruptive behavior, in the number of students who can’t get or sustain good grades, and who lack the ability to form healthy relationships with peers or adults. The number of suspensions and expulsions has also increased, with students bringing weapons to school, bullying other kids, and even attacking students or teachers inside the school or on school grounds. …

How Trump won the presidency using the theatrics taken from reality TV and playing the media

Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign drew largely from the Talk shows of the 80’s and 90’s, that had devolved from serious topics and public discussions with professional guests to vitriolic displays by screaming guests attacking each other and audiences cheering them on. Producers pulled all the stops to win for ratings and hosts willingly went along for multi six figure salaries. Unscripted episodes using divorce, adultery, parentage, relationships, teen angst, weight or looks, sexual identity e.g. became a mainstay.

Hosts stirred contestants negative emotions behind the scenes, knowing there was a likelihood of a violent or verbally nasty confrontation! In 1999 Scott Amedure was shot to death outside his home after revealing on the Jenny Jones show he was attracted to another guest, Jonathan T. Schmitz, and described his sexual fantasies in front of the audience and the cameras. Humiliated and embarrassed by the sexually explicit description of the fantasies it was more than Schmitz, who suffered from bi-polar disorder, could bear. The public thrived on the violence and verbal confrontations, often joining in the fray. There was no thought or care as to contestants emotions or lives. …

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Photo by Mark Kamalov on Unsplash


The twilight sky is the blue
of your eyes that dreamed us
into being
and I search its expanse for some sense of you.

You have gone beyond
the reach of my dreaming
things left unsaid tremble forever
on my lips like wild birds seeking flight.

The heavens, ever sentient, will not give up its secrets
and guards you jealously.

You were the brilliant thread
my soul is embroidered with
and I was gentled and made great
by the wisdom and love of you.

If I become even half of what you were
in my rite of passage
I will have given you immortality. …

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Mosquitoes carry viruses that can result in death or the deformity of unborn fetuses

Most viruses spread by mosquitoes or resulting diseases have no vaccine

Destroy Mosquito breeding grounds close to home

Considering the facts on the mating and reproduction habits of female mosquitoes it is important first and foremost to control their breeding grounds. One female can lay a set of up to 100 eggs after biting one person or animal about every third night, after mating only once. They typically lay as many as three sets before dying. It is only the females that bite and feed on blood. Eggs are laid in or near standing water no matter where it is located. Find and empty anything containing standing water in the yard like empty cans, children's outdoor toys, tires, e.g. …

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Americans are pawns in the battle for power and control among Conservatives, Liberals, and Progressives

Liberals-Progressives, and Conservatives have driven a deep wedge between voters, keeping the U.S. polarized.

Every day the public is bombarded with the same stories and accusations by Conservatives, Liberals, and Progressives. They are predominately about immigration, the plight of Hispanic children in detention centers, hundreds of migrants trapped at the border, gun violence, affordable health care and dozens of rude and nasty accusations thrown at Trump and Republicans (Conservatives) by Democrats. Trump and Conservatives retaliate by attacking Liberals and Progressives related to voter fraud, abortion, support of gay rights, immigration, the Affordable Care Act, fake news, and being anti-Christian.

It’s not that I don’t worry about Trump’s stand on immigration, dreamers, and children living in detention centers and separated from their families, gun violence, and affordable health care, I do, but I have trouble with the Liberal-Progressive and Conservative approach to solving those issues and the fact there has been ‘no’ real solution since the mid-terms. Nor has much attention been paid to other issues plaguing this country beyond occasionally paying lip service to them. …

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Children need both parents to help them grow into emotionally and socially healthy adults

Divorced or separated parents often use children as pawns for revenge

Following a divorce or separation adults often engage in ‘get even’ tactics against each other, using children as objects of manipulation and revenge. Little thought is given to the effect of their behavior on the child’s emotions or psychological development. Feelings of betrayal and anger spill over, and striking back is all the parents think about. It has become commonplace to hear or read about the murder or murder/suicide of a custodial parent and/or the children when rational thought is replaced with raw emotion.

A major complaint of non-custodial parents is that the other parent, or grandparents refuse to let them see the children. They leave home before children are due to be picked up or won’t answer the door. Others move to a new address or to a different city or state without notifying anyone. Non-custodial parents are then deprived of seeing their children grow into adulthood. ”More often than not, it is fathers who are kept from the children since in most states custody is usually given to the mother unless the courts deem a mother to be unfit. …

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Dozens of children die or are seriously injured in childcare settings every year

Hundreds of children are taken to ER’s Daily by child care staff

Millions of working parents and other caregivers leave children with childcare providers every day. It is important to try and find a center, home, church, pre-school, or other childcare setting that is set up to provide a healthy and safe environment while children are in their care. The first thing a parent should ask is whether the provider has an open door policy where they can drop in and check on the child anytime. If not, they should think twice before choosing them.

Before settling on a particular child care provider, parents and other caregivers should also ask questions, inspect the facility both inside and out, ask to see licenses, fire and evacuation plans, disaster plans e.g., a floor plan, and emergency contact numbers.


Jerrie (South)DeRose

ECE Consult & social media support, parenting, edu; grassroots family and political advocate now unaffiliated voter Twitter @Jsouthderose

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