The Game Loop Formula

Hope my headline didn’t scare you. It shouldn’t after all, what I found is pretty astounding. The Game Loop Formula is something I have noticed in many games that achieve ‘replay-ability’. It’s something you can implement in your game today if you haven’t already, but more-so best used if you only have an idea for a game.

Let me explain how it works.

  1. The Core
“The core is the first step in the Game Loop Formula, where you define the users bare essentials. You must break them down into three parts, the user itself, the user’s goal and the user’s incentive to achieve that goal.”

The most simple example of the core is: The player can walk, the player can shoot and the player can kill.

2. The Content

“The content is the second step in the Game Loop Formula, it’s where we exhaust our core. It’s the meat of the game, the part that tastes good and the part that challenges you. There is no limit to how long the content has to be, in fact it could be endless, but make no mistake, content is nothing without the core.”

The content can be explained by utilizing the core. If our player can walk, shoot and kill, it can engage in battles, conversations, puzzles, etc.

3. The Coating

“The coating is the third and final step in the Game Loop Formula, it’s where we polish and shine. While we should always consider giving our games fresh paint, it’s the only step that isn’t a necessity. Imagine this step as the bow on a great gift.”

The coating, while optional, provides the player with extracurricular’s ranging from collecting loot to upgrading armor. Whether your user has to pay for that or not, is up to you.

By recognizing these three things in games that you play, I guarantee you will start to look at your own differently.

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