Think it once and it will stick

I came across something interesting yesterday, an old journal. It was from 2014 (okay, not that old) and as I flipped through, I noticed a list of things I want to do in my lifetime.

I thought to myself, this will be good — my thoughts have changed so much since then and, I am looking for a new direction.

I was wrong.

My thoughts were exactly the same! I even wrote down how much I wanted to get into real estate!

Real estate for crying out loud!

For the past three years, I had completely forgotten what I wanted, remembered it, have been writing it down thinking it was all new ideas, only to find out — they were old.

My sub-conscious had them, locked away. Yet another door, except this one kept swinging open and closed.

Now, I have an okay memory. My brain can be selective, and at times, really distracted but it just goes to show…

If you have had the idea once, it will always be there so you can have it again.

I believe this to be why we have Déjà-vu.

Best regards,


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