Of All The Careers, Why Project Management?

That is a great question! Thanks for asking. This somewhat intersects with a portion of The Road To Knowledge. After I got married and had two layoffs due to a merger and then a bankruptcy; I decided I need to find a career more in line with my vocation and become more marketable, as opposed to just finding a job.

I reflected and asked myself, “Self, what do you want to do when you grow up?” “What a fantastic question, self. Am I sure I have to grow up, though?” I looked back and realized that I had the most fun and was most successful when I was working on projects or any kind of process improvement. Project Management! While researching project management, I decided that is what I wanted to do. The concept of planning and solving a problem with a diverse team appealed to me. The way I saw it was setting goals, thinking critically and strategically, learning, being successful (sometimes), and moving on to the next challenge.

After that ah-ha moment, I set out SMART goals to form an educational path. Shortly thereafter, I had a second Associate degree, Business Management, a Business Management Certificate, and Project Management Continuing Education Certificate (contact hours for the PMP). Thanks to my friend and business mentor, I was able to become a Project Manager implementing applications and ITIL processes at Dell Services. I have been doing that since, and look forward to continuing this career and expanding my knowledge and skill set.

So here is a question to the community: “When you grow up, what type of career do you want?”

Thank you for your time,

Jeremiah D Shepard

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For those who read my posts, thank you. Please note these are written by an individual that does not have a degree in writing or journalism… I simply put down what I think or feel and they do not represent opinions of my current or previous employers.

About the author: Jeremiah is a PMP and ITIL Expert that strives to align IT with the Business while making things easier. He is a life-long learner that enjoys sharing thoughts and ideas. He leads by SHEPARD-ING — guide and direct team members and organizations in a particular direction through servant leadership and the sharing of knowledge.

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