Another Storm Approaches…

A warning and an exit for what was coming.

Another late night I lay awake. Unable to clear my mind as I process through what is happening throughout America, I hope to type out my thoughts in a coherent and linear fashion.

Nearly two weeks ago I was reading the news — as I always do — and I came across a short article about a storm brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. I briefly read through the article, since it was not long, and ended with an odd feeling. My feeling was not some sort of false prophetic impulse that many claim to have, but merely a feeling in my gut that told me something was not right.

As per norm, I logged this instance in my memory bank and went about my day and week. Fast forward to last week when I felt that same feeling in my gut as I read about tropical storm Harvey and its potential landfall in Louisiana/Texas.

The few news reports I read about this storm said it might develop into a hurricane, but if it did it would be a category 1 hurricane and soon dissipate back into a tropical storm. There was that feeling again.

Then came Saturday.

Breaking news lit up my phone from various news organizations now saying Hurricane Harvey was strengthening to a category 3 hurricane before it would make landfall. But then, what was unimaginable only a week before happened. Hurricane Harvey strengthened to a category 4 hurricane, the strongest in almost twelve years to the day to make landfall. But my gut feeling remained.

I read many of the pre-assessments of the damage Harvey would cause. Some said the destruction the storm would bring would benefit the economy: boost spending and GDP. How foolish. Others warned of the detriment to the economy and the stalling of oil refining and the strain that insurance companies would face. Also foolish. Lastly, major weather organizations predicted how much rain Harvey would drop. Oh so foolish.

Consistently the “experts” in each of their respective fields got their predictions wrong. When I saw all of this a light bulb in my head turned on. “Harvey is the coming darkness and evil America will face, but the experts (her leaders) do not legitimize the threat, though when they finally do they will vastly underestimate what will come” I thought.

Some are able to see the coming storm that will hit America and the world, but most of these people are doomsayers and believers in half-truths. Once again, I have no special knowledge because I am not a Gnostic, I simply am well informed and extremely observant of not only the macrocosm, but the microcosm too.

My belief, simply stated, is that in the coming couple to several years America will face war, economic depression, and a further distancing from God. I firmly believe this to be what God holds in the future and I lament over my nation and her people because of this.

Warning signs of the coming storm are: disinformation (fake news is the buzz word) on a national scale, rampant racism, growing adherence to fascism and socialism/communism, unabashed infanticide, polarization and politicization of everything, government and economic corruption, acceptance/recognition of various forms of sodomy, cross-dressing, and pedophilia, hate on an unprecedented scale, education anywhere and at every level useless and corrupt, the morality of America lost, and our abandonment of God and his commandments.

All of this is rooted in ungodliness and hate, which I will demonstrate: Charlottesville happened and the American media and politicians soon sent for a scapegoat for the situation. Instead of blaming the 6,000 racist, fascist/communist, rioters (both anti-fa/BLM and alt-righters) and the inept politicians in the town who let the two groups congregate together all whites, Republicans, and Trump supporters were blamed for the heartbreaking death of Heather Heyer and the “resurgence” of racism in America. This of course is idiotic, a complete lie, and a disgusting mishandling of truth.

There is no resurgence of racism in America, unless you are talking about the Left’s obsession with race and that skin color makes a profound difference in a man’s life all else being equal, which it never is for them. This belief is a complete myth and mere smoke and mirrors to distract you from looking at a person’s individual choices. Similarly, the lying media and Leftists fan the flames of hate as they pick scapegoats and stereotype (unjustly) entire groups of people composed of millions of individuals.

From there the narrative of racist America moved to the desecration and destruction of monuments. And not only monuments to Confederate war heroes (and yes they are war heroes, just as much as Union soldiers), but anyone who happened to be a hypocrite in their eyes: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, Joan of Arc; list goes on. History is full of imperfect people (hence original sin), unless one is referencing Margret Sanger, and as such history must be purged and children must be taught to hate America and from where they came. This is complete idiocy.

I thought this was bad, which it was, but what came afterwards was worse: Hurricane Harvey. Though not for the reason you may think.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas the nation was behind the Lone Star State and all Texans, except for one: Joel Osteen. No, even in times of death, destruction, and disaster America had to continue her outrage just like a bratty social justice warrior in his $80,000 gender studies degree program was taught to be. Liberals and conservatives, atheists and Christians alike jumped on Joel Osteen’s back and began beating the man to death.

The outrage came from some moron who felt like being the hypocrite of the day when he falsely stated that both Joel Osteen and Lakewood’s doors were closed to flood victims in Houston, resulting from Hurricane Harvey. Forget having a shred of evidence to back up his claim, this man looked out from his Twitter castle for outrage and proclaimed Joel Osteen’s hypocrisy and sin for all the world to see, even though he was lying.

From there thousands proclaimed the splinter in Joel Osteen’s eye, while failing to see or even address the log in their own eye. Worst of all Christians jumped on the bandwagon, because Joel Osteen preaches a “false” gospel (also untrue) and decided they would bash him, his family, and his church from a holier-than-thou position (a position I like to call the Calvinist position). Prominent faith leaders and voices from across Christendom sinned by casting haughty judgment and by subverting the proper way of addressing our fellow brothers in Christ when there is a disagreement, as is laid out in Paul and Peter’s epistles.

Pharisees is a descriptor that comes to mind for these hypocritical Christians.

The point being that hate has filled our entire society. So much so that hate is metastasizing into lies about millions of people, history, and pastors that totalitarian extremists, social justice warriors, and even Christians are deciding to propagate. I know this to be true because I have seen this behavior growing at an alarming and dangerous rate over the past decade.

I mourn over the hate man has in his heart, especially the hate he has for his fellow man. If anything tears America apart and ends freedom in the world, it will be hate sewn from within her. I pray that day never comes, but with all the warning signs of a coming storm flashing: abandonment of God, a demographic cliff, and rampant acceptance of sin and promulgation of hate, I see the storm clouds racing towards land.

I implore God’s providence over America once again, just as George Washington did so that she may remain a beacon of hope and a land of devotion to the Creator and Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. Whether he says yes or no on the fate of America as we know it I will continue to praise him, pray for the salvation of my friends, coworkers, and family, pray for a revival across the Land of the Free, and trust him, even in times of persecution and to death.

Once again, I will repeat myself and say I do not know what will happen for certain, but I do see the signs and all I can do is warn people, preach the Gospel, and pray to the Lord our God.

Also, research everything I said in this article whether you believe me or not. It is your responsibility to affirm what you believe, I am merely stating the truth.