Broken Campaign Promises to Further a Broken Campaign

Yesterday morning the nation was shocked with disbelief that the FBI Director, James Comey, would not recommend indicting Hillary Clinton for her “extremely careless” use of private email servers. After a laundry-list of charges Comey read off at his Tuesday morning press conference that he could recommend Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, pursue the bag came up empty in the end.

During the entire press conference Comey lambasted Clinton’s false claims about using a secure server that did not pose a risk to national security, especially since she did not send classified information via the server all proved to be lies. In the sixteen-minute press conference, the case to be made that Clinton was a felon was laid out, but in the end, justified by a perversion of English and law, Clinton essentially was exonerated. The legal and basic term of “intent” was mangled and misconstrued in the process, which ultimately justified Comey’s decision.

With the decision of the FBI to not recommend charges be brought against Clinton, it effectively ended the roughly two years of investigation done by various agencies and branches of government. Clinton can now pursue her underwhelming Presidential campaign against Donald Trump with the largest of the looming legal storms above her head gone. And even though she will receive much criticism over Comey’s decision, the headlines of Clinton’s email scandal are already fading into history.

To make sure the scandals fade into history the Obama administration pumped out the biggest news it could produce in order to get the media to bite.

The ground breaking news President Obama unveiled was his administration’s decision to leave 8,400 soldiers in Afghanistan through the end of 2016. To the shock of some and the relief of others the proclamation by the President assures roughly 3,000 more soldiers would remain in the war-torn state than was originally anticipated. Even though the number of soldiers remaining is down from 9,800 the American military will continue to hold a substantial presence to aid in the fight against militant Muslim groups.

President Obama’s orders this week break on of his original campaign promises dating all the way back to the 2008 Presidential election in which he promised numerous times the conflicts in the Middle East would end and the American military would withdraw from those countries. Even as late as May 2014 President Obama was still planning the complete withdrawal from Afghanistan. Just a month later the Islamic State would declare its caliphate in Syria and Iraq, and change the President’s previously issued decision.

With Comey “told” to fall on his sword and Obama rescinding one of his major campaign promises in 2008 and 2012, Clinton’s broken Presidential campaign carries on. Lies were told and national security was compromised ending in all of the illegal actions and idiotic guarantees being thrown away all for the sake of maintaining political power.

Political corruption is now at its highest since the late 19th and early 20th century when “Yellow Journalism” and cronyism ruled the media cycle and the political process. America is repeating its folly that led to great despair and deep alienation among her voters. The Obama administration has finally shown its true colors in open daylight and the corruption of the Left is being fully embraced by the media and the Democrat party.

The only way to bring back stability, honesty, and the rule of law is to cast off the liars who dupe the voters and rig the system in order for honor and justice to once again be enshrined in American politics and law. Make a difference this election season and vote for truth and the Constitution to root out corruption.