Sunday’s Reflection: Carry Yourself Properly

As I took my “Walk With God”, I thanked God for allowing me to see another week.

I thought about a conversation that we were having in my Life Group last Sunday, where we were discussing our current generation and how people are expected to achieve things quicker but are allowed to grow up at a slower pace.

Why do we grow up at a slower pace? That’s the real question.

Then I watched a speech from my boy ET and he told a group of students to “Take Yourself Seriously.” He expounded on that statement. He wasn’t telling them to be anal, pretentious and to behave like they’re better than the next person. He was telling them to act like they mean something.

That’s the gap. We’re not expected to take ourselves seriously enough, even in the Christian community.

It matters how you carry yourself. How you walk, talk and maneuver. Ironing your clothes matters. Your posture matters. If I can look at you and discern that you’re a Christian, it matters.

I work with kids every day. They watch everything you do…like everything. You can at least show them the right stuff.

While I was thinking on how you carry yourself, I thought of a conversation I had in college with a childhood friend. We were riding somewhere and he told me that he looked up to me growing up. I was like, bruh what? I’m pretty sure you picked a fight with me on a regular basis.

That hit me even at that time. And it hits me even more now. Someone is always watching.

I know I watched my Dad growing up. He wasn’t perfect. He didn’t live in the same house as me. But he was a good father.

What he did show me? He didn’t drink much in front of me. He didn’t smoke and didn’t curse much or at all. He dressed well and was always shaved. My dad has always been punctual and was never unemployed.

He’s the classic strong, silent type. I’ve been told that I’m a lot like him, although I’m more of the strong, hard-to-figure-out type.

My dad even wanted me to have his name. But my mom thought Jerry Lee was an old person’s name. So, she compromised on Jeremiah LeShun. I guess I should thank her.

He still won, though. He gave me the nickname everyone knows me by, although he rarely called me by it. When we were about to go somewhere, he usually said “let’s go Doc.” Maybe he was speaking something on me.

He was always present at my big events. I still remember how he had my Beta Club thing around his neck at my graduation from high school.

He was there for the serious moments, as well. When he found out someone tried to rape me in middle school, he didn’t sit down and give me the macho dad talk. He sat down and talked to me about it.

When my mom was in the hospital, he sat down and talk to me. He told me if she didn’t make it, then I would come and stay with him.

When I was racially profiled and in jail for a day and a half, he was ready to tear the jail down.

My most vivid memory, though, was when my dad called me on my 21st birthday and left a voicemail. He told me how much he loved me repeatedly. It blew my mind. I knew my dad loved me. But that was real.

Most importantly, my dad was always “there.”

I try to be like my dad. I try to be consistent, loving and always there. Someone is watching.

As Christians, we have to realize that someone always is. We can’t do more ungodly thing than godly things. Your daily walk has to be a Christian one. Even your Social Media has to show that you’re a Christian.

It’s ok to be silly or have an opinion. But you can’t be walking around spewing strident political opinions or sharing a bunch of cat videos or fight videos or statuses about being lazy or post that tear down others. It’s unbecoming.

And to speak directly to the Christian men: I know some of you want your girlfriend or wife to be submissive and, in some cases, not work. You want them to submit to you. But you’re not fit to lead.

Why would any woman submit to you? You’re not a leader.

Leaders aren’t afraid of conflict. They don’t create it. But they embrace it when it happens. Real leaders know that “conflict builds and reveals character.”

Men: We’re called to lead. We’re called to be intentional, purposeful and deliberate.

That’s what God calls us to do. Carry yourself properly. Someone is watching.

I leave you with two things.

1. Do you carry yourself properly?

2. Whose watching the way you carry yourself?

God Bless, Jeremiah

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