4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

I’m sorry, but this article is another great example of the self-importance and obliviousness that led to Trumps success.

4Chan has been around for ages, just because this article finally introduces it’s history to people; doesn’t mean he’s on to anything. Pepe the frog has a million mis-uses. The writer apparently couldn’t be bothered by such nuance… especially when he chooses to provide a thesis that Trump was pepe…

the entire premise of his article claims that his supports ‘know’ he’s a buffoon.

A claim like that is just a glaring light… a shiny bug lamp on a hill of unearned philosophical highground.

Actually, most of his supporters DON’T think he’s a buffoon.

This has to be some kind of mental disorder …when someone’s perceptions of self importance are so deep, that they need to believe that those who might prove them wrong are actually on their side too… sorry, Trump supporters have many reasons for supporting him that are not related to enabling the left’s inability to get a clue.

I will say, however, this was a very entertaining read. I won’t take anything past the writers abilities…