#IdareToSay | The Sport Killed Freestyle

Before you read, I need two things. One is your absolute OPEN mind, literally forget everything you know about freestyle as a whole. Two, nothing I write here is for motivation or argument, it is purely my view and opinion on this one of a kind, unique culture called freestyle.

Have you ever had the same meal over and over again, and eventually get sick of it and can’t even look at it anymore?

Sad to say but I have the same feeling for freestyle.

Coming from how I stopped/took a break from watching videos, following freestyle posts, and just after completely isolating myself while freestyling made a huge impact. At the beginning it was like when I first started, trying new tricks and creating (or what I thought I created), and just simply having a FRESH mind. I’ll tell you after almost 3–5 months straight like this, when I saw freestyle live again it was the strangest thing I have ever witnessed. No exaggeration, I honestly thought something was peculiar. I couldn’t understand what happened, how a sport/art became just a sport, the complete opposite of how and why I freestyle. The fresh mind was a part of this new vision, almost like watching freestyle through a newbie/nonfreestyler eye. Just because I stopped browsing Facebook for freestyle videos (I wrote an article about this in depth check it out if you haven’t) and didn’t see freestyle for a long time, it changed my outlook on how I saw freestyle currently.

“Nobody smiling
Cause you’re expressing the rhyme that I’m styling
This is what we all sit down to write
You can’t make it so you take it home, break it and bite” — Rakim

Most recently and all 5 years I’ve been a freestyler, I have almost seen all freestyle from everywhere around the world. And out of all the freestylers I have met/seen, almost everyone (like 90%) is the exact copy of another. For example the tricks: it’s the literal same sole variations, upper flow, same sit-downs, same air move combinations/nts, same blocks, same transitions, same whateverothercategoriezedfreestyleterms, same trend following cycle keeps going on. Freestylers are in too deep within in their world, which makes everything on the outside look stale and robotic almost. Almost looks restricted, and especially when terms and categories “define” what we do it just shows the limit of the sport. Where is the art??

The art that is actually produced by someone, is immediately taken and set as a trend or something a freestyler wants to learn/do. That is normal to want to follow the crowd and be like someone or everyone else, but lets take a step back. Would that mentality even occur if we didn’t have access to internet/social media or videos? That would complete obstruct the thought to even want to do the same tricks, but to only have the option to do what comes from inside of yourself. Most of the actual art, creativity, and individuality has just been thrown out the door because of the term EASY. It is easier to learn the tutorial existing on Youtube and not figure it out for yourself. It is easier to copy the trick of someone elses hardwork and thought and work process to create, so you don’t have to go through all of that on your own. It is ultimately just easier to follow what everyone else is doing, because if everyone is doing it that means it must be the only and right way. This is what happens when someone doesn’t learn or take the learning process in their own path, and it really just limits the freestyle/freestylers in the future.

Don’t follow the masses, do what you want to do

Freestylers also forgot the simple idea of what look COOL. It’s not even the freestyle itself sometimes. I am talking about the style, gear, and clothes? HOLY SHIT BALLS. If you literally took the “average” freestyler from every country around the world, I swear 8–9/10 times they will be carrying a football and wearing a plain shirt or football jersey paired with ridiculous soccer shorts past the knee. I don’t know about you but I call myself a “freestyler”, and for some reason majority are dressed as footballers. Do hockey players dress like a figure skater because they both use ice skates??? I heard what you wear doesn’t matter to your style, but do you know how weird freestylers look sometimes? I cannot tell you how much it PAINS me when I see someone on their back in soccer shorts, with their buttcheeks projected right in front of your face, while the ball on their sole in a weird uncomfortable looking position looking like you’re trying to give yourself oral(talking about pixy stall/nao stall). It took only 5 months while I was not paying attention to come back to the majority of the community to start lying on their backs doing a rear end presentation. There is a reason why you leave the creations with the creators!!

Nowadays when I am watching freestyle (if I ever do), all I look for is something special, appealing to the eye. Simply put, something beautiful. I just can’t stand the same thing over again, maybe its just me but there really is nothing special about it and its boring. It just takes more effort, dedication, brainpower, time and a mind with a bigger picture to create and innovate, but I think thats why I respect it a lot more. Honestly you can’t understand this preceding line unless you have done it yourself. I guess there is nothing wrong with copying and just doing what is easy, but I always wanted something more, of a higher ground because ultimately a challenge is what makes it the most FUN. This is why freestylers like Michryc and Andrew are at the top, they have found their OWN way of freestyle with a level of difficulty no one can truly understand except themselves.

Freestyle is not a sport, it is much more. Until people understand that, I really don’t know what will happen to modern day freestyle. EVERYWHERE in the world I have gone except for one place (and some freestylers homes), freestyle is considered a sport. So many people have the “athlete/sport mentality”, that freestyle now is so boxed in at that point you can only have a narrow vision. I was there too recently, and didn’t even realize it till I took a big step back. I think sometimes we can get so enveloped into something we don’t see another world outside ours, and that’s why maybe everything I wrote here can seem so foreign. I still call myself a freestyler and practice the art and culture of it, but almost feel like an outcast since no one can understand what I do unless they’re a practitioner of the art themselves. I became a freestyler because it inspired me to be different, and now I still can’t be understood unless I follow same path as everyone else.

I know the majority reading wont understand, and some will think they will understand, and the ones who do what I do can only truly understand. I know I didn’t cover a lot of depth into the topics, but I rather have you think about it for yourself. I have learned no matter how many times I argue and try to explain and show what I am talking about, people just don’t seem to get it. I realized they never will, until they have experienced the same feeling as I am when I am freestyling. So I have given up on that idea, and just will let everyone keep going along the same pattern and trends. Since I didn’t become a freestyler for that reason, I will just do what the best/legendary freestylers in the world have done (some even without knowing) and detach myself in my own zone and just do my own thing. I will isolate and reinvent myself in the one place where freestyle is the most unknown, pure, and artistic, Japan.

..In the underground only real stays real — Lords of the underground

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See you all in 2016 ;)

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