Peter Thiel, YC, and hard decisions
Ellen K. Pao

You’re entitled to break ties due to a disagreement in opinion — that’s freedom. And while I’m irrelevant to your life and I’m just another comment on a message board I want to make it clear I support your decision completely.

But like a lot of people that are commenting here I find your perspective on freedom of speech, and freedom of economy incompatible with actual free speech values. I read the article in its entirety a few times to make sure I wasn’t jumping to conclusions, and even after doing that I’m still thinking that you have a very different idea of freedom than I do. Not in your actions, which are obviously yours to make in a free society, but in your rationalization.

Your view reminds me of the religious values I was raised with and later rejected which were, in a nutshell, “you have the freedom to choose as long as you choose what we want you to choose” — which obviously isn’t really a choice and isn’t really freedom.

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