Receiving Holy Wisdom

You can bring peace. You can heal wounds. It’s true! You have help.

I have a story for you.

A guy I know was speaking at a conference. He had some friends in town, and they asked him to meet with a woman they knew. This woman had been dealing with a lot of troubles. The friends thought maybe the guy could help her.

So he met her for coffee. They sat down together and he asked her, “How are you doing?” She told him directly, “I’m not a believer.”

“Yes, I know that,” he said. He started to say something else, but she was very defensive and interrupted him. “I don’t even believe that Jesus existed!” she told him. And then she went on in that vein. She was trying, verbally, to push him away.

Finally he got a chance to speak. He gently said, “I just wanted to ask you what you want in your coffee.”

“Oh,” she said. She was surprised by this. It wasn’t what she expected. She said, “You don’t want to try to convert me?” And he said, “No, I just want to have this cup of coffee with you.”

“Okay,” she said.

So he went to the counter and got cups of coffee for both of them. By the time he returned to the table, she had calmed down. They sat there together for a bit, quietly sipping. He waited. And then she said, “Why are you here?”

He looked directly into her eyes and he said, “I’m here to have a cup of coffee with you.”

“You know I’m not a Christian,” she said. “I don’t believe in Jesus. So if you know that, what could you possibly have to say to me?”

He said, “Jesus doesn’t just love you. He likes you.”

The woman started weeping. That’s all he said to her, and she released all her pain.

I can guarantee you that scenario is not in scripture. You cannot open up the Bible and find the place where it talks about how to handle a woman in a coffee shop who is angry and hurting. Sometimes, we have to ask for wisdom.

Suppose the guy had told her, “Your time is coming. Jesus is coming back and it’s going to be too late for you. You’re going to go to hell.” What if he had said that to her? She would have walked right out of that coffee shop. Her opportunity to know Jesus would have been crushed.

But that’s not what he said. In fact, he didn’t say anything. He let her speak. Then he got her a cup of coffee. Then he sat with her. In peace. By doing that, he earned enough trust that she was ready to listen to him. So when she asked, “What do you have for me,” he was able to help her.

The Bible doesn’t give us detailed instructions for every possible scenario. Instead, it promises us that we have help. “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.”

We love a God who loves us. And He likes us! Not only that, He walks with us. He is our Helper.

So walk with Him. Let Him help you! Because when you do, you will receive astonishing wisdom. You’ll be wise enough to buy someone a cup of coffee, and then tell them exactly what Jesus wants them to hear. You’ll bring peace and healing. Just by receiving. This is a promise fulfilled!

I am the author of To Stir a Movement: Life, Justice, and Major League Baseball (2013), and my second book is in the works. Visit my Huffington Post page here. I blog here. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @JeremyAffeldt.

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