A response to a response to the election …

I usually avoid writing critiques like this, but this article contained alot of the talking points that have really bothered me since the election. I disagreed with almost every point you made in this article, but my criticisms come not from a point of hating or attacking you, but from a desire for dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

So here we go.

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I’ve got one major thing to say to you. HILLARY CLINTON DID NOT FAIL US, WE FAILED HILLARY CLINTON.

In a sense, you’re right about this. We could have done a lot more to organize for Clinton. But why would I go out and spend my time organizing for a candidate whose policies I disagree with? I don’t like Clinton’s hawkishness, and given that Henry Kissinger, Clinton’s favorite mentor on foreign policy has already met with Trump to give him advice, I’m wondering if their foreign policies would even be that different. I disagree with a lot of Clinton’s tax proposals, such as raising the estate tax, something I don’t think should exist in the first place.

Y’all motherfuckers didn’t DESERVE the candidate you got …

I’m not sure what you even mean by this. Who is the candidate we deserved? Also, if you want people to be receptive to your message, it helps to spend less time insulting them. See, “basket of deplorables.”

Your enthusiasm for the former First Lady, Senator of New York, Secretary of State and first ever possible female President was shameful when you compare it to the enthusiasm the other side had for their “flawed” (racist homophobic tax evading possible rapist who has to make his undocumented Mexican maids wash the orange out of his bedsheets every fucking morning) candidate.

People were more enthusiastic for Trump because he went out, talked to voters, and then told them exactly what they wanted to hear. A lot of Clinton’s campaign rhetoric felt like her telling us what we should believe. Also, she had the audacity to insult voters, calling Trump supporters “deplorables”. That level of arrogance on the part of a political candidate is pretty uninspiring.

If you would have just swallowed your pride and given Hillary half of the love you gave Obama …

Why would I have the same level of enthusiasm for Clinton as I did for Obama? He was, by all counts, a better candidate. He had a better overall message and was in the perfect position, being the Democratic candidate after eight years of republican policy, to inspire a surge of democratic voters. Clinton’s message was basically Obama’s policies minus the inspiring orations. And a lot of people, myself included, voted for Obama and then were extremely disappointed by a lot of what he did. He hasn’t closed Guantanamo Bay, he’s continued to allow petroleum companies to run roughshod over our natural lands and communities, and he’s deported more people than any other president in history. It makes perfect sense to me that people wouldn’t vote for a continuation of these policies.

… I voted for the rest of my country.

So did a lot of Trump voters. Everyone votes for what they think is best for the country. We just disagree about what’s best for the country.

Every candidate has an email/Swift boat Veteran/Born in Kenya/Benghazi/Reverend Wright/Gennifer Flowers bullshit scandal that gets played over and over again, and for some reason we thought Hillary’s private email server (WTF is even a server?) was more damaging than Trump ADMITTING TO SEXUAL ASSAULT AND CALLING MEXICANS RAPISTS.

Exactly. Every candidate has a scandal, and Trump is scandal personified. I think we were all so jaded by scandal in politics that much of Trump’s bad stuff just fell by the wayside. Also, we didn’t think that the emails were worse. I never did and never will give much of a shit about the emails. I don’t remember anyone ever saying that, so if you’ve got some evidence that people actually thought

Who the fuck said you had to LIKE your nominee anyway?

No one did. And that’s why Trump won. A lot of people voted for Trump despite the bad qualities, not because of them. Many moderate republicans just want lower taxes, which is something that they would not get under Clinton.

We found a way to forgive our mothers who raised us …

Many people go their whole lives without ever forgiving their parents. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to let go of hatred.

It’s because of us that one of the best Presidents this country has ever seen …

In your opinion. You can’t say an opinion like this and not back it up with any facts if you want it to resound.

To the protest voters (whether you voted or not) I hope you are proud of yourself for being “right” while others continue to struggle and lose their rights and healthcare.

A lot of people feel like they lost their rights under Obama, and that the same would continue to happen under Clinton. As much as you say it shouldn’t be about how people feel, it really is about that when it comes to voting and elections.

Bernie himself begged his followers to do the right thing, but we were too selfish to come out and support our nominee.

As much as I wanted to listen to Bernie on that one, Hillary Clinton was not my nominee. She was the nominee of a political party that I started to distance myself from about four years ago because of their pro-corporate policies and their

Did you know that 11,000 people wrote in “Harambe” for President?

Yeah, did know that, and I have to laugh at this one. What does that say about our politics that 11,000 people were more inspired by a dead gorilla?

It should also make you angry that progressives voted for candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson WHO DID NOT HAVE THE PROGRESSIVE POSITIONS THAT BERNIE HAD.

It makes me angry that you would shame people for choosing a candidate who actually shared their values. I voted for Jill Stein because many of her policies — The Green New Deal and a reduction of military spending, to name two — are policies i believe in and did not think I would ever see under Clinton. And the idea that Gary Johnson would have progressive policies is just stupid. He’s a libertarian, not a progressive. He has libertarian positions.

The real victims are the Black and Latino kids out there living in a trailer park eating canned food for the 4th day in a week.

Seriously? What about white kids living in a trailer park eating canned food for the 4th day in a row? Poverty effects everyone, and many poor white people felt they had been ignored not only by the Obama Administration, but by the media and many of the American people. They might be right, if other people share this idea that poverty is a race-specific issue. If you only focus on inner-city poverty, then you ignore the reality that many parts of Appalachia and the

I know how it feels. I’m sorry, Becky, for hurting your white feelings and for being upset by your privilege, but your pain and guilt are a small price to pay for the millions out there who are struggling in this country.

This is the problem right here. You come across as extremely arrogant and insulting here. This sentence carries the implication that whiteness and ignorance are synonymous. At least that’s how I perceive it as a white person. You are really condescending in this whole paragraph with everything you say about white people. To me, essentialist thinking about any group of people, whether minority or majority, is both illogical and extremely detrimental to our political discourse.

Let’s stop spreading the rumors that the primaries were rigged for Clinton.

It’s rumors only to a certain extent. When you take in all of the factors, like the Washington post churning out sixteen barely factual hit pieces against Bernie in less than one day, it becomes clear that there were immense forces, both in and outside of the DNC that were stacked against him.

… but if that were true, why didn’t she win the first time she ran for President?

Because Obama was a better candidate!! This argument makes absolutely no sense.

…it’s dangerous to point fingers at people and call them something to make them a villain without even knowing what the definition is.

The same could be said about many attacks on Trump.

You can say whatever you want about the polls suggesting Bernie would have beat Trump by a larger margin, but as we’ve all learned, POLLS DON’T MEAN SHIT.

Yes. You can’t repeat this enough. Stop looking at polls. Go out and talk to real people instead. That’s how you find the truth of a situation.

People voted based on their hate, NOT THE ECONOMY.

I think you’re wrong about this. The mainstream media latched onto Trump’s controversies as his defining features, but like I said before, a lot of people just want their taxes to go down so it’s easier to feed their families and save for retirement. That being said, there is a minority of Trump voters who did vote for genuinely despicable reasons. The deplorables are out there, but they’re not the majority of Trump voters.

You know a lot of this defeat had to do with Russia committing espionage, the FBI favoring Trump,

It bugs me when you try to tell me what I know.

…and tons of other totally illegal things that no one seemed to be outraged about.

Like what? It bugs me that you would include a vague phrase like this to support an argument you’re trying to make.

This isn’t a dating show. Hillary didn’t have to be perfect for us, she just had to work for us.

Exactly. a lot of people did not feel like Hillary would have worked for them. That’s why they voted for Trump. I’m not sure if you realized it yet, but people in this country disagree on a lot of things.

She fought an honorable fight against racism because in the end, that’s what people voted in favor of. “Take back America” and “make America great again” weren’t about the economy; they were code for “don’t let the brown man be equal to us”.

Race and hatred played a big part in the mainstream media’s coverage of this election, but a lot of people really aren’t racist. For a lot of people, it is the economy. Race just isn’t at the forefront of a lot of peoples’ minds. Imagine living in a super white place where all of the white people you know are poor and struggle just as much as the Mexicans and the Blacks in their city. In this situation, I think it’s not racial conflicts, but poverty in general that would be the main issue. And if a mexican family in that same town had seen their relatives and friends deported under a democratic president, is it really so far-fetched that these people might vote for Trump?

We called her out for saying that people in gangs were “super predators” twenty years ago, and then when she apologized and went into Black communities we said that she was pandering.

She was pandering. That’s what politicians do. She does have a record to back her up, but the idea that someone running for president isn’t pandering with every single step they take is kind of odd to me. I definitely think she did get too much flack for changing her vies though. That’s just something people do, and it shouldn’t be seen as a fault.

And now, I cringe as I watch CNN and they praise Trump for acting mature and respectful in the home of the motherfuckin President of the United States.

Fuck CNN. I stopped taking them seriously a long time ago. Mainstream media is just government propaganda most of the time. I think we should boycott them and every other mainstream media station until they start doing real journalism. Investigate corruption, not Donald Trump’s tweets.

— — —

For everything I disagree with you on, I agree with you on one major thing: we should have organized more. For everyone. I should have done more phone banking for Bernie and I should have gone out and actually talked to more republican voters.

But it’s not too late. Trump is not going to get his policies done overnight. And he’s definitely not going to keep all of his campaign promises, because no president has ever successfully done that.

But Trump’s victory did give us, the liberals and progressives, one very positive thing: a clear face to what we want to fight against moving forward. Under Obama, all of the hatred and the regressive republican policies had o be talked about behind close doors. But now it’s out in the open, and the whole thing now has a bloated, terribly coiffed face.

This is the time for a real progressive revolution. There is going to be a great upswell of political engagement these next four years. People are going to be inspired to get out there and fight. But we need to figure out more constructive ways to fight, because the enemy is smart. Trump out-campaigned Clinton because the Republicans have gotten better at politics. They were fighting against their enemy, Barack Obama, and they got really good at fighting. Now it’s our turn.