Leave Guy Fieri Alone!
Miles Klee

Yeah I will admit that I’ve talked smack about Fieri before. F--- all these haters tho. Its so easy to sit behind your keyboard and hate on people, but Guy helped a lot of folks out. He was cooking like 5,000 meals a day. Who did the haters feed? No one.

I was volunteering at the Veterans Memorial Building right near where Fieri was doing his cookout. He wasn’t asking for publicity. The media just latched on to him like they would for any other celebrity.

He also sent us over a huge tray of pulled pork with barbecue sauce drizzled on it. I’ve been a vegetarian for the past few months, but god damn I chowed down on that pulled pork. It was delicious. It lifted our spirits and helped us continue working hard to distribute all the supplies that got donated.

Feeding people in times of stress is one of the best things you can do. A good meal uplifts spirits. People can analyze his choice of cooking method all they want. The fact is Guy Fieri did something great. People are just so conditioned to smugly criticize anything, even clearly selfless acts like this, that they’ll hate on someone for feeding people whose houses just burned down.

The haters honestly don’t matter. When you spend your whole career getting hated on just for being distinctive, it takes a toll on you. I think Guy Fieri is gonna keep doing is thing until he keels over in front of a mountain of sauce-drizzled ribs and breathes his last breath in a side of macaroni salad. At least I sincerely hope so.