How to REALLY Make America Great Again

If the mere mention of the name Donald J. Trump elicits a visceral fear and stomach churning nausea that shakes you to the core, then this is not the piece for you to read. Really, stop now or you may need medical attention! I’m trying to tap into that other group of people…the ones that are blindly clapping at his “rallies” while chanting “make America great again.” Answer this question. How has Mr. Trump showed you that he will indeed make America great again?

If the “TRUMPeters” stopped being angry for a few minutes, they might be able to see the wool being pulled ever so snugly over their eyes. Let’s start with the “rallies”. It is ironic that followers of the bombastic boisterous real-estate mogul are happy doing so without any policy plans, or examples of how much better America will be with a (dare I say) President Trump in office. Mr. Trump’s rallies are nothing more than grandiose show-boating ego-stroking orgies lacking of both substance and panache. Fortunately, I have not witnessed one of these monstrosities in person, but I have seen the media coverage.

While painting a bleak picture of the current America that we live in, Mr. Trump simultaneously calls out the Washington establishment for getting nothing done, and provides absolutely zero policies of how he will be any different from the norm. Other than building a “yuuuuuge wall” and being the “absolute toughest person” when it comes to ISIL, Trump has given his supporters nothing to show that he will actually make America great again. In fact, at almost every rally, Mr. Trump does something which sets America back from greatness. Whether it be mocking a disabled reporter, comparing Mexican immigrants to rapists, insulting women or suggesting a ban on people based on religion, Trump has highlighted the very things America should not try to become.

I appreciate that Mr. Trump is potentially bringing those people previously uninterested in the political process or voting to the table. What I do not appreciate however is the utter lack of independent thinking or mindfulness that these new people are basing their new-found political prowess off of. If you are a supporter of Donald J. Trump, I wish there was a magical serum I could give you to assuage you of this terrible disease and suffering that you are going through, but sadly there is not. All I can do is urge you to look at every single candidate’s platform and make an educated and informed decision as to who you want to represent you as the next President of the United States. In reality, that is how we will make America great again, by encouraging a smart and informed voter in our fellow American, not by following the most entertaining clown on the stage.