I’m a Millennial Male and #ImWithHer

From the moment Hillary Clinton announced her campaign for President of the United States of America, I have been 100% for her. I think it’s important to state however, that I am not an uneducated member of the electorate. I take choosing a presidential candidate, and eventual president very seriously and am both methodical and calculated in my decision making process. Luckily, the Democratic Party produced several candidates with ideas for real progress, ready to engage in a debate of substance and vision for the future of America.

That being said, I have broken rank with my white millennial male brethren known as the #BernieBros to back the only electable candidate with a clear plan for addressing a wide array of issues facing Americans. While I can appreciate Senator Bernie Sanders service and the issues that he raises, he fails to grasp that as president your job is to focus on many problems and not just one. Sanders’ request for a revolution is falling on the deaf ears of this 25 year old who is concerned about more than “big banks” and Wall Street.

Hillary Clinton is anything but a one issue candidate. From day one, Clinton jumped into the 2016 presidential race with policy idea after policy idea, stopping at nothing to make sure that her plans for being the true champion for Americans was known. So why do I support Hillary Clinton to be our next commander in chief? Here are just a few of the almost 30 positions outlined on her website that speak to me as a voter.

LGBT Equality:

While many are quick to point out that Hillary Clinton was not an early adopter to the issue, I argue that it’s more important to focus on what she is committed to doing for the future. Clinton believes that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans deserve to live their lives free from discrimination, an issue near and dear to my heart. We live in a country where (in some states) you can be married on a Friday, thrown out of your apartment on Saturday and fired on Monday all for being who you are and loving who you love. LGBT kids continue to be bullied and discriminated against at schools and a restaurant can refuse service to a transgendered person. This does not represent the America I believe in or want to live in. As president, Clinton will fight for full and unequivocal federal equality for LGBT Americans. She is committed to ensuring that all citizens are protected with the same unalienable rights as afforded to us by the Constitution of the United States.

Gun Violence Prevention:

It baffles me how Americans can stand idly by when we keep seeing shooting after shooting. It is past time we act on gun violence and release ourselves from the grasps of special interest groups like the NRA. Hillary Clinton has a plan to not only strengthen background checks and close dangerous loopholes, but to also hold irresponsible gun dealers and manufacturers accountable for their products. As president, she will ensure that the safety of our communities is priority number one, over the profits of the gun lobby. I’m tired of living in a country that accepts gun incidents and mass shootings as the norm. It’s time we elect someone with a record of advocating for commonsense approaches to reduce gun violence.

Women’s Rights and Opportunity:

While I am not a woman, I recognize the importance for full equality and opportunity of women. The bottom line is that women’s issues are not just family issues, but they are economic issues and crucial to the future of America’s competitiveness internationally. Hillary Clinton is committed to ensuring full income equality for women. My sister should be paid the exact same amount as I am for doing the same work that I do, there are no excuses for why this is not so. Likewise, scores of women still face barriers when entering the workforce and climbing the corporate ladder. It’s time we start addressing these concerns and blow open the doors on the issue. Clinton will close the pay gap and fight for paid family leave, because no one should have to choose between keeping their job, and spending time with their newborn baby. In the same regard, we need a president with a strong commitment to protecting and upholding women’s health and reproductive rights. Personal health decisions should be made by a woman, her faith and through counsel of her doctor, and no lawmaker should challenge a women’s right to have dominion over her own body. Clinton has and will stand up to Republican attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and challenge Roe v. Wade.

Climate Change and Energy:

Time is up, and the facts don’t lie, climate change is real and we are quickly killing our one common home. We must all come together to address the severity and urgency that is climate change. Climate change is an urgent threat and quite possibly the most defining challenge facing our generation. Clinton has a detailed plan to not only tackle it, but also expanding on many initiatives put into place by President Obama. On day one, Clinton reached for the stars setting some of the boldest national goals on climate action and I admire her for this commitment, because there really is no Planet B.

These four policy areas are just some of the issues that I look to when choosing a presidential candidate. If you are a Sanders supporter, I challenge you to ask yourself this question, which candidate has not only the experience and the vision, but also the actionable plan for America? I am proud of the Democratic Party for putting forth two substantive choices for president, but it’s clear who should and will be the 45th President of the United States! Hillary Clinton is ready to bring the fight, and she’s determined to address all the issues holding Americans back, not just a few. It’s time to let her be the champion that we all need! Are you with her?