It’s Time, Senator Sanders.

As a proud Democrat excited to see strong presidential candidates ready to push a progressive agenda, I would be remiss to dismiss the conversation that Senator Bernie Sanders has propelled on the world stage. Since announcing his candidacy for president last year, Senator Sanders has managed to inspire a new generation by touching the hearts and minds of the Democratic electorate. His self-proclaimed revolution has brought critical discussion around areas of Democratic values such as: campaign finance reform, education, healthcare and climate change, just to name a few. He has managed to bring crowds of excited supporters who #FeelTheBern to almost every campaign stop throughout his bid for the candidacy. All of this being said however, the time has come for Senator Sanders, to step aside and unite the Democratic Party around the presidential candidate with the most pledged delegates and the most votes, Hillary Clinton.

What first came into focus on Super Tuesday, and was finally made crystal clear last night after four major primary wins is that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Sanders no longer faces an uphill battle or a narrow path to victory, he has been all but shut out. Going forward, the Sanders campaign would need to garnish approximately 107% of remaining delegates, and the math is just not in his favor.

When Bernie Sanders started his campaign last year he said, “This campaign is about the needs of the American people, and the ideas and proposals that effectively address those needs. Here is my promise to you for this campaign. Not only will I fight to protect the working families of this country, but we’re going to build a movement of millions of Americans who are prepared to stand up and fight back.” I will admit, these words spoke to me and a spark of passion lit within my political heart. But Senator Sanders, nearly 3.2 million voters have spoken against your bid to be the Democratic nominee, and it’s time to encourage your supporters to rally behind Hillary Clinton.

You are in a unique position Senator Sanders, to rally your passionate supporters to stand alongside Hillary Clinton not just to take down the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, who represents almost everything that is wrong with America, but to fight for progressive Democratic values to help better the lives of all Americans.

The time is now, to once again sound the revolutionary trumpet. The general election is going to be messy, but the faster we can join forces as a unified party, the more prepared we will be to take The White House in November. I challenge all Bernie Sanders supporters to visit Hillary Clinton’s website and read her ideas and policy plans. It should become clear after doing so that there is much more that unites the two teams than divides them.

Make no mistake, I am a proud and outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter, but I am ready to join hands with my friends and fellow Americans who support Senator Sanders, and together let us feel the burn to fight for an America that is built by love and trumps all hate.